21 Years Of T-Bag Trivia Quiz

Wonders In Letterland

1. What is Rascally Roger's ship called?

2. How many Golden letter E's are on the Emporer's chain?

T-Bag Strikes Again

3. What is the missing word from this quote? ĎI donít give credit and I donít give cash but Iíll give you a _____ for your rubbish and trash.í

4. Where does Debbie find the Silver Number 7?

T-Bag Bounces Back

5. Which of these board games are on the table in the curiosity shop?

6. Which one of these is NOT one of the talented birds T-Shirt says Acme Bird Company are looking for?

Turn On To T-Bag

7. What number does Ed Malone ask the operator for on the phone?

8. Who does T-Bag claim Holly is as the accomplice to The Scarlett Pimple?

T. Bag And The Revenge Of The T. Set

9. What group of instruments of the following is NOT one of them on the spaceship museum?

10. What magazine does Ricky Romero show Sally with the Silver Spoon Awards on the cover?

T. Bag And The Pearls Of Wisdom

11. When Captain Cockle first meets T. Bag in the village what type of fish has he got?

12. Which one of these is NOT one of Robyn Hood's Merry Maids?

13. What is Rick O' Shea's camel called?

T. Bag And The Rings Of Olympus

14. When T. Shirt pretends to be Zeus to con Polly what does he NOT called Athena?

15. What colour is Queen Elizabeth's cuddly toy elephant, Mr Heffulump?

T. Bag And The Sunstones Of Montezuma

16. Who does Sir Paisley write about in the cricket match in his diary?

17. What year is episode 8 (Napoleon and Josephine) set?

Take Off With T. Bag

18. What warning sign is NOT one found on Strangebag's island?

19. What parts do T-Bag and Tow-Ling get in the all-singing, all dancing TV spectacular?

T. Bag Christmas Specials

20. Where is the T-Room according to T-Bag?

21. What is T. Bag's name when she is the circus clown?

What your score means
ScoreRankingRanking Meaning
0-5ptsYou Stupid Boy!Better luck next time
6-10ptsT-Caddy Academy StudentYou need more teamaking lessons
11-15ptsT-CaddyYou make a good strong cuppa (but you bungle everything else)
16-18ptsDevoted Member of The T. SetLoyal and dedicated to T-Bag
19-20ptsYour MajestyYou big know-it-all but something always beats you
21ptsThe High-TYou reign supreme as the head of the T. Set