26th Anniversary Trivia Quiz

Wonders In Letterland

1. In the shop what is missing from the Wonders in Letterland board game?

2. What colour spots are drawn on Seraphina's mirror?

T-Bag Strikes Again

3. When T-Bag shows Ben her selection of bats which of these does she not show him?

4. Which one of these is not mentioned by Ali when he reads his appointment book?

5. What kind of 'ball' has the King been invited to?

T-Bag Bounces Back

6. What day of the week does Mrs Merry clean ?

7. Hi-Hat shows T-Bag three hats, which one of these does he not show her?

8. Where does Nikdit say The Temple of Bells is?

Turn On To T-Bag

9. Which of these is NOT on T-Bag’s list of things she needs to start broadcasting?

10. What game does T-Shirt go to fetch to play with T-Bag when she is under his power?

11. At the start of the episode which one of these does Professor Sparks not check on the booster device?

T. Bag And The Revenge Of The T. Set

12. Which of these does T-Shirt not ask for T-Bag to bring him when he feigns illness?

13. Saul Wright speaks to several people on the phone whilst preparing for the silver spoon awards, which one of these does he not speak to?

14. What character, who is the local goose-plucker, is T-Shirt in Will Wagadagger's play?

T. Bag And The Pearls Of Wisdom

15. Which one of these is not one of Captain Blighter’s fish?

16. What does Robyn Hood give to T-Bag when she is disguised as a poor lady?

T. Bag And The Rings Of Olympus

17. What is the name of Oscar Bacardi’s inn?

18. What colour does T-Shirt paint T-Bag's face?

19. How much money does T-Shirt ask to borrow for his bus fare?

T. Bag And The Sunstones Of Montezuma

20. When Wilma takes in the chest of ‘chocolates’ taken from the clock maker which one of these chocolates does she not mention?

21. What frequency is Radio L.O.V.E broadcasting on?

Take Off With T. Bag

22. Which of these does Ali not say when trying to open the Sultan's safe?

23. What year did the great virus happen that wiped out all computers?

24. What four flavours does sunnydent toothpaste come in?

T. Bag Christmas Specials

25. Which 'Santa Claus' does T-Bag tie up?

26. How long has Giles Pickens been working on a Christmas story?

What your score means
ScoreRankingRanking Meaning
0-6ptsYou Stupid Boy!Better luck next time
7-12ptsT-Caddy Academy StudentYou need more tea-making lessons
13-17ptsT-CaddyYou make a good strong cuppa (but you bungle everything else)
18-22ptsDevoted Member of The T. SetLoyal and dedicated to T-Bag
23-25ptsYour MajestyYou big know-it-all but something always beats you
26ptsThe High-TYou reign supreme as the head of the T. Set