30th Anniversary T-Bag Trivia Quiz

Wonders In Letterland

1. What does the shopkeeper tell Debbie that the Wonders in Letterland board game is the most what piece in the whole shop?

2. When Indiana Inkspot tells Debbie about the Golden treasure of the Incas and that the ancient story tells of several artefacts that have been found, which of these does he not mention?

3. When Debbie and T-Shirt split up to search for the letter V, how many minutes does Debbie suggest they meet back up again in?

4. What appointment is given to Debbie?

T-Bag Strikes Again

5. When Prince Pimple tells Penelope Plumber what is wrong with the sink which part does he say she has on back to front?

6. When introducing Debbie as the guest singer which of these phrases does Long John Sylvia not use to describe Debbie?

7. Which one of these does the Professor not use when describing Debbie to T-Bag?

T-Bag Bounces Back

8. Which one of these does T-Bag use to describe her new High T-Plant?

9. How many miles is the next watering hole according to Omar?

10. On a morning in which season did Bizzy Beaver set off to pogo around the world?

Turn On To T-Bag

11. The nine crystals were brought back to Earth via the latest what?

12. How much money had Sam earnt on Christmas Eve?

13. What does Bertha give to Holly at the end of the episode?

T. Bag And The Revenge Of The T. Set

14. When Rudolpho shows the King the silver spoon how long does he say he'll be before coming back to explain?

15. What time does Claude arrange to meet Vincent at his flat to view his paintings?

16. Prince Jack quotes to the Lady Ophelia that a rose by any other name would be three other flowers but which of these does he not mention?

17. When T-Bag gains the power of the T. Set which of these does she not say that she is?

T. Bag And The Pearls Of Wisdom

18. How many minutes does T-Shirt (as The Kid) give to Doc Leaf to get the loot back?

19. According to the Captain, in how many seconds can Polly-Anna strip a horse to the bone in?

20. What does Captain Cockle not describe himself as when he has given T-Bag the pearls?

T. Bag And The Rings Of Olympus

21. What name does Maggie give T-Shirt when he had lost his memory?

22. What is the Count's first name?

23. Who does Max Clapper speak to on the telephone?

T. Bag And The Sunstones Of Montezuma

24. What ID does T-Bag show Hamburger Guzzler to prove she's Wilma Tell?

25. How much does Goosepellet try to sell the goldmine deeds to Aunt Molly for?

26. What does Granny Bag call T-Bag when she first arrives?

27. T-Shirt tells Diggory that when T-Bag walks into a room what hides behind the sofa?

Take Off With T. Bag

28. What Chicago telephone number does Bagsy ask the operator for?

29. Which university is Claude deTerre a professor?

30. How much discount does Brutus give to Antonius when he sells Letitia?

What your score means
ScoreRankingRanking Meaning
0-7ptsYou Stupid Boy!Better luck next time
8-13ptsT-Caddy Academy StudentYou need more tea-making lessons
14-19ptsT-CaddyYou make a good strong cuppa (but you bungle everything else)
20-25ptsDevoted Member of The T. SetLoyal and dedicated to T-Bag
26-29ptsYour MajestyYou big know-it-all but something always beats you
30ptsThe High-TYou reign supreme as the head of the T. Set