T-Bag Strikes Again Trivia Quiz

1. (Episode 1) How many number 1ís are there on the Town Clock before the numbers disappear?

2. (Episode 2) When T-Shirt returns with Penelope Plumber which one of these have they not been through?

3. (Episode 3) Which of these games does T-Shirt not suggest him and T-Bag could play?

4. (Episode 4) What is the missing word from this quote? ĎI donít give credit and I donít give cash but Iíll give you a _____ for your rubbish and trash.í

5. (Episode 5) What colour does T-Bag make the Sultan's hair?

6. (Episode 6) What is Clarence stacking on the table when Debbie first arrives at the Inn?

7. (Episode 7) Where does Debbie find the Silver Number 7?

8. (Episode 8) What is Professor Pocketís first name?

9. (Episode 9) What colours are Charlie Chuckle's Pom Poms?

10. (Episode 10) When T-Bag realises that the children have got the clock going which of these words does T-Bag say last?

What your score means
ScoreRankingRanking Meaning
0-2ptsYou Stupid Boy!Better luck next time
3-4ptsT-Caddy Academy StudentYou need more tea-making lessons
5-6ptsT-CaddyYou make a good strong cuppa (but you bungle everything else)
7-8ptsDevoted Member of The T. SetLoyal and dedicated to T-Bag
9ptsYour MajestyYou big know-it-all but something always beats you
10ptsThe High-TYou reign supreme as the head of the T. Set