Turn On To T-Bag Trivia Quiz

1. (Episode 1) Which of these upcoming programmes does Holly-Anna not mention in the first episode?

2. (Episode 2) What is the name of the ice cream parlour?

3. (Episode 3) What does F. B.L.O.G.G.S stand for?

4. (Episode 4) What brand of soap is being advertised?

5. (Episode 5) What newspaper does Scoop Shuttleworth work for?

6. (Episode 6) What Christmas Carol do the carollers sing which Holly joins in?

7. (Episode 7) Who does T-Bag claim Holly is as the accomplice to The Scarlett Pimple?

8. (Episode 8) What game does T-Shirt go to fetch to play with T-Bag when she is under his power?

9. (Episode 9) Just before T-Bag gathers all the bags together at the end of episode nine, who has Holly's bag with the crystals in it?

10. (Episode 10) At the start of the episode which one of these does Professor Sparks not check on the booster device?

What your score means
ScoreRankingRanking Meaning
0-2ptsYou Stupid Boy!Better luck next time
3-4ptsT-Caddy Academy StudentYou need more tea-making lessons
5-6ptsT-CaddyYou make a good strong cuppa (but you bungle everything else)
7-8ptsDevoted Member of The T. SetLoyal and dedicated to T-Bag
9ptsYour MajestyYou big know-it-all but something always beats you
10ptsThe High-TYou reign supreme as the head of the T. Set