The High-T Website - 5th Anniversary Birthday Messages

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To celebrate the 5th anniversary of The High-T Website (which launched in December 2003) I have received some great birthday messages from fans of the show and even the writers themselves. I thought these messages should be shared with everyone, if you wish me to add a message from you here please e-mail me your birthday message for the website.

I have included names (but not your e-mail address) but if these are your comments and you'd like me to remove your name please e-mail me.

The High-T Website - 5th Anniversary Birthday Messages

Well what can I say? when I first started the website a mere five years ago I never imagined the behemoth the website and forum would become. Over these five years there have been many highlights and the wonderful messages I have received from fellow fans and also the cast and crew of the show have been absolutely delightful, making the time, effort and money spent on the website all worthwhile.

In these five years I have learnt so much about website building including html and css styling (and trust me I'm not a technical person and managed to grasp these rather successfully), the website will continue to grow.

Taking a few moments looking back on what has happened in the world of T-Bag there have been many momentus occasssions, my thoughts on these are below:

Coming into contact With both Lee Pressman & Grant Cathro
It has been a privilege to have been in communications with the writers of the show, the sincerity and affection they have for T-Bag and my (humble) tribute to the programme in the form of this website is truly overwhelming. I can not thank them enough for their contributions to the website and their ongoing support.

Interviewing both Elizabeth Estensen and Georgina Hale
In 2005 I wrote to Georgina Hale with a few questions for an interview and a few days later received a letter with her telephone number if I wanted a chat. When I phoned Georgina I was quickly put at ease (I was very nervous) and had a wonderful chat with her and she answered my questions I put to her, these were added in an interview with the website. In 2006 I wrote to Elizabeth Estensen (courtesy of Emmerdale) and she replied answering my questions I put to her including a lovely message on the back of a T-Bag photograph. It was a joy to be able to hear their thoughts and memories of the show and my thanks to both of them for their time and for sharing their memories of the show.

Interviewing both Grant Cathro and Lee Pressman
In 2005 I had the chance to send some interview questions to Grant Cathro and in 2006 the opportunity to interview Lee Pressman about the show. Since then the website has had more interviews with both of them, last time in 2007 they even answered questions submitted by you, the visitors to the website and forum. These insights into the programme have been truly revealing, showing the depth of the show that was taken from ideas to the programme we all loved to watch.

Meeting the cast & crew at the filming of the Reunion DVD in May 2007
I had the pleasure of being invited down to the filming of the reunion DVD in May 2007 and meeting some of the cast and crew of the show. To say I was nervous beforehand was the understatement of the century but everyone of them was incredibly welcoming and my nerves and knocking knees soon stopped. To meet various members of the regular cast and crew was something I never imagined would happen as I sat watching the episodes on TV in my childhood and it was the highlight of my year (maybe even the decade) meeting them all.

The release of the Reunion DVD in September 2007
Thanks to the efforts of Lee Pressman and Grant Cathro alongside Dexter from Fantom Films, the much anticipated release of the Reunion DVD featuring intereviews with the main cast and crew of the show. This was wonderful to see and to hear everyone's warm memories of the show was worth the asking price alone. This DVD is what the T-Bag fans were waiting for and it certainly did not dissapoint. Well done to all those involved, all your time and effort has certainly made this fan extremely happy - and I've been immortalised on DVD with a big grin on my face - who would have thought! If you've not bought the DVD yet it is still available online through the Fantom Films website.

Having momentoes of the show
Grant and Lee have been kind enough to give me a few momentoes of the programme including photographs, cuttings, The Amazing Adventures book and even a T-Bag script. These items will be treasured for years to come and is such a wonderful joy to look after them. And to share them with all of you is even better.

The DVD petition being signed by almost 3000 people
In July 2004, Robert Fairbanks set up an online petition to get T-Bag release on DVD, in the subsequent years we find the petition has grown to a list of nearly 3000 signatures, every single one a truly devoted fan eager to watch T-Bag again almost 24 years later.

The prospect of T-Bag being available as a digital download
Over the past umpteen years there has been discussions with Fremantle about the possible commercial release of T-Bag. In December 2007 Fremantle confirmed they are working on releasing T-Bag as a digital download, this is exciting news for all of us, although we are still waiting our patience and persistance will pay off when everyone can then watch T-Bag again in perfect condition.

Seeing T-Bag episodes again that I never originally recorded from the TV
When I first started this website I didn't have all 94 T-Bag episodes, after coming into contact with other fans of the shows and trading episodes I now have had the pleasure of watching many episodes that I had not seen since the first broadcast. After getting two series (Bounces Back and Turn On To T-Bag) transferred from Betamax tapes (remember them?) to VHS I had the joy of watching two series which instantly starts the memories flooding back.

Celebrations for the 20th, 21st, 22nd and 23rd anniversary of T-Bag
Every year since the website launched we have celebrated the show's anniversary (on 4th April) with some fantastic updates, including many exclusive interviews with cast and crew of the show. Here's to the 24th anniversary...

Finding the curiosity shop from Wonders In Letterland
Thanks to one of The High-T Website's regular contributors, a certain Paul Allum, the curiosity shop (from Wonders in Letterland) was actually found in Twickenham. Many thanks to Paul for finding this landmark of T-Bag, the photographs are wonderful showing the shop that has not changed one bit (well maybe a lick of paint). An excellent contribution and a superb treat for all us T-Bag fans.

The ever growing number of e-mails from fans
I regularly receive many e-mails and messages from people (accross the world) to thank me for my website saying it has brought back so many memories for them. I read every single e-mail (and reply to as many as I can) and really appreciate everyone's fantastic comments. Reading these makes working on the website a real joy, knowing people who have visited the website are so appreciative of all my hard-work, time, money and effort worthwhile.

Video clips first available online
The best way of rekindling memories of the show is to actually watch it and as such I made sure that some video clips of T-Bag took to the world wide web, the small videos of some of my favourite moments went online via the forum on 17th April 2004 and via the website on 4th August 2004.

Help, advice and encouragement from Jeremy
Jeremy first started his T-Bag Website, The T-Room, in late 2000. Soon after starting my website I've received many e-mails from him, especially at the start offering help and advice (and some images) for my new (at the time) website. This I found was really encouraging at a time when I knew nothing about building websites, so I can only thank him for his assistance and his ongoing support for my website (which I hope compliments his T-Room website). I even had the chance to meet him at the Reunion DVD filming and thank him in person, I'm sure his contributions to my website will continue (he e-mails whenever he finds new mistakes to add to my Nitpicker's Guide). Many thanks Jeremy!

T-Bag being mentioned in the media
T-Bag has not been left unnoticed in recent years. Mentions have been made in various magazines including TV Times, Inside Soap and The TV Mag (supplement from The Sun newspaper).
T-Bag has also been mentioned on TV, including on the 'Children's ITV Birthday Bash' (although prior to my website, in early 2003), on 'This Morning' profiling Elizabeth Estensen's career and 'The Good Soap Guide'. I wonder when the next mention of T-Bag will turn up?

The Website surpasses 45,000 visitors
Recently the website has passed 45,000 visitors, five years ago this would have seemed a crazy number of people to visit the website that could take years (even decades) to get to. Over five years that's almost 25 visits every single day!

The website being mentioned in the TV Heaven book
In November 2005, the High-T Website was mentioned (and link given) in the TV nostalgia book 'TV Heaven' published by Collins. The website is mentioned in the book in the T-Bag article.

A lot has happened in the past five years, looking back at these achievements and occassions I am extremely proud of the website and hope in the years to come the website and forum go from strength to strength. Happy anniversary and here's to the next five years, I wonder what the next five years will bring!

From Jamie - me

To realise that after twenty years so many people still remember T. Bag is heartwarming. To discover that a website exists to celebrate the series is mind blowing.

For someone to have spent so much time and energy creating this nirvana of nostalgia has to be applauded. And I am delighted to add my tribute to Jamie for producing this incredible site, so chock a block with magic and memories.

What astounds me most is that The High T is constantly evolving and improving. There's always something new to behold - photos, biographies, family trees, trivia, quotes, quizes, and not forgetting the hilarious nitpicker's guide.

With the sensational discovery of all John Plant's original designs for the series Jamie has pulled off his biggest triumph yet - how amazing to one day be able to study the plans for all those stunning hardboard and cardboard sets!

So a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY HIGH T, and a big congratulations to Jamie and everyone else who has contributed to this T-rrific testament to Tallulah and Tabatha. Looking forward to the next five years!

All the very best,

Lee Pressman - Co-Writer



TABATHA BAG busily beautifies herself at a dressing table. Whilst squinting into the mirror, she sees T-SHIRT approach from behind. He balances a cup of tea in one hand, and a switched-on CAMCORDER in the other.

T-SHIRT: Tea’s up, your Majes-T.

Freaking out, TABATHA desperately shields her face from the lens.

TABATHA: Switch that thing off! – and I don’t mean tomorrow.

T-SHIRT: I want some behind-the-scenes footage.

TABATHA: How about some behind-the-scenes foot? My left one, up your backside.

Undeterred, T-SHIRT zooms right in on TABATHA’S face.

T-SHIRT: Come on, your Majes-T. Smile for the fans!

Without fuss, TABATHA confiscates the CAMCORDER, ejects the cassette, pulls the tape out, scrunches it all up – then drapes it over T-SHIRT’S head.

TABATHA: Oh, look – it’s Samuel Pepys.

T-SHIRT: (long-sufferingly combs away the tape) You promised you’d do this interview.

TABATHA: Interview schminterview (slurps down a mouthful of tea). Who is this Albert Hall anyway?

T-SHIRT: Jamie Hall, your Majest-T. It’s his website. And it’s five years old, this month. (pleads) Your fans will be dead disappointed if you don’t say a couple of words.

TABATHA: A couple, eh? Alright – BUG OFF.

Digging his heels in, T-SHIRT plucks a replacement cassette from his pocket and inserts it into the CAMCORDER.

T-SHIRT: A promise is a promise, T-Bag. Let’s just do this, then it’s done.

TABATHA: (powders her face) Come back once I’ve made myself look even more gorgeous than I already am.

T-SHIRT: (sarcastic) Ha! By that time, the fans will be –

TABATHA: Dead disappointed?

T-SHIRT: No – just dead.

Three loud knocks, off.

TABATHA: Whassat?

T-SHIRT: Sounds like someone knocking on the doorbell. (all-innocent) I wonder who it could be?

TABATHA: (sighs heavily) Not more autograph hunters! I can’t stand it, T-Shirt. Tell them I can’t sign anything since I accidentally slashed my wrist on a T-leaf. Tell them what you like, Shirty. Just – get rid of them.

Shaking his head, T-SHIRT opens the door – to reveal a very familiar figure. It’s TALLULAH BAG (!) – all glammed up for a special occasion.

TALLULAH: Guess who-oo?

T-SHIRT: T-Bag!!!

TABATHA splutters and spins round through 180-degrees in a mushroom cloud of powder puff.

TABATHA: W-what??! – Tallulah!!?

TALLULAH swans in, uninvited. She stares at the all-grown-up T-SHIRT, pretending not to recognise him.

TALLULAH: Mr. Shirt Senior, is it? (T-Shirt tuts), May I say, Mr. Shirt – you are the absolute spitting image of your grandson.

T-SHIRT: Ho-ho, hilarious, T-Bag.

TALLULAH: (feigns amazement) T-Shirt?? – is it you?? Let me look… (peers closely) Impish grin… abysmal haircut… the empty-eyed expression of a koala bear… yes, it’s you.

TALLULAH barges up to confront TALLULAH with a hostile stare and a grunt.

TABATHA: Hnnnn – !

TALLULAH: Tabatha! – Sister, dear! (looks around) I absolutely love what you’ve done to the T-Room décor. Puce and magnolia are my two favourite colours.

TABATHA: They’re not puce and magnolia. They’re hemp and putty. It’s called style, darling.

TALLULAH: (under her breath) In a compost heap, maybe.

TABATHA: (violently) What do you want? Why are you here? What’s this all about???

TALLULAH: Sister. Please. One question at a time.

TABATHA: T-Shirt – kindly show this woman the door. (threatens him) If you point to the door and say “Here it is!” I may be forced to strangle you.

TALLULAH: Temper, Tabatha! – temper! (stirring it something awful) I’m sure the little lad meant no harm whatsoever by inviting me over to –

TABATHA: (aghast) You??? – invited her??? – over here??? (through gritted teeth) T-for-Treacherous Shirt strikes again.

T-SHIRT: It’s all in a good cause, Your Majes-Ts. (switches on the CAMCORDER) I promised Jamie Hall I’d capture you both on camera. You know – the pair of you, on screen together for the first time ever, to say a joint T-Bag hello to your millions of fans out there on the worldwide web. It’ll be a “You Tube” first.

(ushers them across the room) Bunch up on the sofa.

TABATHA: (breaks free) You must be off your trolley, mate. Not in a fortnight of Fridays will Tabatha Bag share screen-time with – her.

TALLULAH: I completely agree. (grandly) I, the original T-Bag, shall address the fans, on behalf of myself.

TABATHA looks on, mightily miffed, as TALLULAH lowers herself elegantly onto the sofa and speaks with assurance into the CAMCORDER.

TALLULAH: (to camera) T-Bag fans, wherever you be. I welcome you to this grand celebration of all things Tallulah.

TABATHA appears behind her. She growls into TALLULAH’S ear-hole.

TABATHA: Wait just a cotton-picking second, Missy. Aren’t you overlooking something? NINE TENTHS of those T-BAG fans are MINE!!!

TALLULAH remains totally unfazed.

TALLULAH: (to camera) My poor darling sister always did have trouble pronouncing those W’s.
(turns to TABATHA) Try again, dear – ONE TENTH – ONE TENTH –

Not to be outdone, TABATHA stomps round and sits heavily alongside TALLULAH – which pleases T-SHIRT no end.

T-SHIRT: That’s more like it! – hey! – what a pretty picture!
(quietly to himself) Best do this quick, before the camcorder melts.


TABATHA: I was – until you turned up.

TALLULAH: I’m talking to the boy. What would you like us to say, T-Shirt?

TABATHA: My question exactly!

T-SHIRT: Keep it short and sweet, your Majes-Ts. How about – something like – “Congratulations, Jamie, on the 5th anniversary of your excellent T-Bag website!”

TABATHA: (scathing) Only Tom Boy Shirt would come up with a dreary, boring homage like that! Pa – thet – ic!

T-SHIRT: Well, your Majest-T, if you can do better, please, go right ahead.

TABATHA: I certainly will – ahem!
(to camera) Congratulations – (beat) – what’s-his-name?

T-SHIRT: Jamie.

TABATHA: Congratulations, kid – er – on the 5th anniversary of – er – your excellent –

TALLULAH: (breaking in) Excuse me. Hello-oh?
(TABATHA stops) Aren’t we supposed to be doing this together? I mean, isn’t that the whole idea?

T-SHIRT: (keeping the peace) Why don’t you both say: “Hi there, Jamie! – Hi there, fans! – Hi there, everyone!” – then smile – then wave. You know – like you mean it.

TABATHA and TALLULAH each swap looks. After a moment, both of them nod in agreement.

T-SHIRT: Wonderful! – finally! – at last!
(focuses on them) Do you need a rehearsal?

THE TWO T-BAGS: Darling. When did we ever need a rehearsal?

T-SHIRT: In that case, this will be Take One. And – action!!!

All hell breaks loose. Instead of saying what they agreed to say, both of them show off abominably. TALLULAH launches into one of her megalomaniac “I am the all-powerful High-T” rants, while TABATHA kicks off with a Broadway show song of her own composing. The result is truly shocking and horrible. T-SHIRT steps in and tries to calm them.

T-SHIRT: Your Majes-Ts! – please – !

Upstaged by TABATHA’S hideous singing and dancing, TALLULAH (still ranting) attempts to magic her away. TABATHA lurches backwards. The blast of magic misses her, and hits the T-PLANT instead. It vanishes with a PING.

Retaliating (whilst singing) TABATHA fires a blast of magic at TALLULAH. She ducks down – but not quite enough. TALLULAH’S sparkly head-dress disappears – along with all of her hair, leaving her bald.

Fizzing mad, both T-BAGS fire blasts of magic at one other – two direct hits, resulting in an explosion of sparks.

T-SHIRT: Your Majest-Ts?

When the smoke clears, all that’s left is an empty sofa. Aware that his best efforts have all been in vain, T-SHIRT wonders how he can rescue the situation. An idea strikes him. He goes to the dressing table, raises the CAMCORDER and films his own image reflected in the mirror.

T-SHIRT: (to camera) Congratulations, Jamie, on the 5th anniversary of –

Two disembodied voices cry out –

THE TWO T-BAGS: Come here, boy!!! – and we don’t mean tomorrow.

PING!!! – T-SHIRT disappears in mid-sentence. The CAMCORDER drops to the floor with a clack.

After a few beats, we slowly zoom in and see a warning light blinking silently on the viewfinder.

A message reads: BATTERY EMPTY.


Grant Cathro - Co-Writer

Happy fifth birthday, High-T! In the great T.Bag tradition, these things should be celebrated with an exploding cake, a golden envelope and a nice, strong cuppa.

I came to T.Bag a little later than the very start, first tuning in just over twenty-two years ago to Episode 2 of T.Bag Strikes Again; similarly, I was a tad late for the start of the High-T Website, first logging on in March 2005. Back then in its Angelfire days, it was a great resource for ardent fans of her majes-T, offering series guides, interviews with and information on cast and crew, background details on the series and lots of other goodies; in the intervening three and a half years, the site has gone from strength-to-strength with many, many great additions (and from what I hear many more to come), as well as a facelift and a move to 50webs. Much praise to Jamie Hall, creator of the site who I know works hard not only to maintain the high(-T!) standards around here, but also to keep offering something new and different every year for T.Bag fans around the globe.

From a personal perspective, my association with High-T (and its sister-site, The T-Bag Forum) has put me in touch with many T.Bag fans across the world and allowed me to share my interest in this wonderful TV series. I’ve also been able to add my own small contribution to the site, with reviews, interview questions, additions to the Nitpickers Guide and (perhaps best of all) my own personal crusade to seek out The Curiosity Shop! In the autumn of 2006, thanks to the location of my university, I was able to roam the streets of Kingston, Teddington, Hampton Wick and others, in search of the illusive shop. I eventually found it in Twickenham, thanks to the address of the estate agent opposite, which can be seen in the relevant episode and, like the shop, is amazingly still there; all power to the internet then and none to leg-work. This one was a joy to share and see published on the website – always good to give something back. Thanks for all the opportunities, Jamie!

I tip a raised teacup to five years passing for this great site, which keeps alive the memory of a show dear to me as I know it is to many others out there … and here’s to many, many more years to come.

Paul Allum

If you would like to send the website a birthday message or greeting, please e-mail me (see contact me page) and your message could appear here soon!

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