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Welcome to 'The High-T Website', a tribute to the classic children's ITV programme T-Bag.

This website started in late 2003 as a small voting website but has grown during the past few years into the most informative and most regularly updated T-Bag site on the web! Look out for these features exclusive to this website: Cast & Crew interviews, Biographies, Magazine cuttings, Trivia, Quizes, Links, T-Bag Merchandise Info, Image Galleries, Favourite quotes, Voting polls, Video clips, T-Bag communities and much much more!

Use the menu, to the left, to guide you to all the other pages of this website, a guide to the T-Juntions through time and (cyber) space. If this is your first time to the website you might want to look at the Navigation page to help you explore the website fully.

T-Bag's Twenty-Ninth anniversary

A celebratory toast

On the 4th April 2014 T-Bag celebrates it's twenty ninth anniversary since the broadcast of the first episode back in April 1985. To celebrate this anniversary The High-T Website has had several updates added.

These include more trivia quizzes found here, more quotes added to the episode pages in the series section, more mistakes added to the The Nitpicker's Guide, subtitle files for the first three episodes of T-Bag Bounces Back here and more...

T-Bag and the Pearl Anniversary - one year to go!

The Pearls of Wisdom

On the 4th April 2015 T-Bag will celebrate it's thirtieth anniversary since broadcast of the first episode back in April 1985. This milestone anniversary is something we should all celebrate. Of course the website will have updates but I want your ideas, contact me via email, the forum, the facebook group or Twitter.

to go!

The High-T Website - Ten Years online!

A celebration

On the 8th December 2013 The High-T Website celebrates it's tenth anniversary so several updates have been added to celebrate ten years online including a special birthday sketch written by Lee & Grant called T-Bag's Big Bang and a 10th anniversary retrospective feature.

More updates include a special tenth anniversary trivia quiz found here and ten new quotes added to the episode pages in the series section and more...

What is this website about?

Tallulah Bag & The High-T Lady

This is a website dedicated to the CiTV programme of the 1980's and 1990's called T-Bag. There was nine series and four Christmas specials of T-Bag (under different series titles such as Wonders In Letterland (later renamed Trouble With T-Bag); T-Bag Strikes Again; T-Bag Bounces Back; Turn On To T-Bag; T-Bag And The Revenge Of The T-Set; T-Bag And The Pearls Of Wisdom; T-Bag And The Rings Of Olympus; T-Bag And The Sunstones Of Montezuma and Take Off With T-Bag) which ran from 1985 to 1992 in the UK and was also shown in Australia much later.

The series all had a similar plot, a little girl (namely Debbie, Holly, Sally, Polly and Penny) went off through mysterious and magical lands to collect up magical items that had been scattered by T-Bag (or someone else) these magical items included gold letters, silver numbers, gold bells, crystals, silver spoons, pearls, gold rings or powerful sunstones and return them all to where they rightfully belong. T-Bag could either have been destroyed by these items (this is why she scattered them) or T-Bag could gain immense power from them. Every episode was a quest to find the next magical item before T-Bag did. In the last episode of the series T-Bag would be banished but somehow managed to revive her magic by the tea brewed from her magical and evil T-Weed (called a T-Plant) and only T-Shirt could brew her up a wickedly powerful cuppa.

I hope you enjoy your time here and if you want to find websites for other children's TV programmes you may find what your looking for on my Children's TV Programmes Links page!

Kellie Bright to be in Eastenders

October 2013
The BBC have announced that Kellie Bright (Sally Simpkins) is joining Eastenders, alongside Danny Dyer, and taking over the Queen Vic. Kellie Bright is now appearing in Eastenders since first appearing in December 2013.

T-Bag Complete Boxset - latest news!

I've had an e-mail from Lee Pressman who has been contacted by Revelation films who have said they are still very keen on producing a full T-Bag DVD boxset (all nine series and four Christmas specials). Financially this is not viable for them to do so in the current economy and the initial three series did not sell as well as they hoped and with High street stores such as HMV going into administration this has only made it more difficult.

To ensure they are able to produce the DVD boxset Revelation Films have suggested a campaign via Kickstarter where we can pledge some money in order to make the DVD boxset possible. If this does go ahead the DVD boxset would come in a decorative 'Tea Caddy' packaging. This would be a limited edition and everyone who pledges would get their name mentioned on the box.

If you've never heard of Kickstarter before it is a website where people pledge money to get a project started which could be a book, DVD, CD, film project, video game etc. More details can be found on their website: www.kickstarter.com.

To release the boxset will require a lot of money so if you're a member of The T-Bag Facebook Group or The T-Bag Forum please post a reply if you'd be willing to pledge some money to make the DVD boxset a reality, a positive response means the campaign will be put into action and hopefully we'll be able to reach a target value of pledges to get the DVD boxset we all so desperately want.

Any further news or developments will be added here.

First three series available on DVD now!

The first three series (Wonders in Letterland, T-Bag Strikes Again and T-Bag Bounces Back) are now available to buy on DVD, current online retailers can be found below.

To find out more about the DVD releases and links to retailers where you can purchase the DVDs please see the Wonders In Letterland DVD page, T-Bag Strikes Again DVD page and T-Bag Bounces Back DVD page.

Buy T-Bag on DVD now!

Wonders in Letterland
Series One DVD

Other links...

T-Bag Strikes Again
Series Two DVD

Other links...

T-Bag Bounces Back
Series Three DVD

Other links...

Revelation Films have also launched a fan-zone section of the website which currently has an interview with Lee Pressman and Grant Cathro; Jim Norton and John Hasler.

Latest @ The T-Bag Fan Club Facebook Group

Join in the fun
The T-Bag Fan Club is the place on Facebook to talk about T-Bag with other fans, with over 180 members why not join in the fun.

Get involved at The T-Bag Facebook Group

A DVD Release for T-Bag?

If you want to see T-Bag in all it's glory the best way would be with a DVD release, there is a petition to get it released on DVD over at Petition Online, this petition has been made by Robert Fairbanks, please sign the petition, get your friends and everybody else to sign it too. Use the link below to see and sign the petition:


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