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Since starting the website I have received numerous e-mails from many people who grew up watching T-Bag, it is great to hear from everyone and I try to reply to as many of these e-mails as possible (apologies if I don't but I do try). Your e-mails and messages about T-Bag and the website are really appreciated - it's great to hear from others who watched the programme as much as me, keep those e-mails and messages coming!

If you would like to contact me regarding T-Bag or the website you can do so in one of these ways below:

Via e-Mail

You can contact me via e-mail using the e-mail address

Via The T-Bag Forum

There is a board on The T-Bag Forum where you can let me know what you think of the website and to post ideas or other contributions.

You can even private message me, you can see my profile here (just click on the 'Send Personal Message' link - remember you have to be a member of the forum): Jamie (admin)

If you are a member of the Forum you can receive our High-T newsletters so when we have some major news or updates you'll receive an informative newsletter straight to your e-mail inbox (make sure your profile is marked 'Opt-In' for mass e-mails to receive these).

Via The Guestbook

If you've enjoyed the website (and hopefully it has helped bring back some of your memories of the show) and you want to leave us a message you can post a message for me on The Guestbook

Via Social Media

On Facebook
There is a currently a The T. Bag Fan Club - Facebook Group where fans can talk about the series.

On Twitter
The website has it's own Twitter feed, find it here: @HighTWeb, feel free to send a tweet or follow me on Twitter.

Don't Forget to check out the F.A.Q.

You may wish to check out our list of frequestly asked questions on The High-T F.A.Q. to see if your question might be there.