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These are some of the many comments I've received (through e-mail, PM on the The T-Bag Forum! & on The T-Room Message Board). I'd like to thank everybody who has e-mailed me and PM'd me, your comments have really inspired me to improve and update this website! Please keep the comments coming by e-mailing me.

I have included names (but not your e-mail address) but if these are your comments and you'd like me to remove your name please contact me.

If you've enjoyed your time here please sign my The High-T Guest Book.

Guest Comments

I don't know what I was expecting from the updates - I guess I try not to expect anything to avoid disappointment, but I was very impressed with what I saw ... this may partly be because feeling chuffed with myself at creating the odd page, I look at some of your work on The High-T Website and I feel the need to raise my game (!), and partly because I get a bit dotty when it comes to T.Bag! I had noticed the quotes and how they change everytime you visit the page - I smiled when I saw one of my absolute favourite quotes - 'Choose the shoes that fits the foots! - there yesterday!

As soon as I got your e-mail, I hurried over and had a look, and I was not disappointed! I'd been looking out for it earlier. Well done, matey - the site is better than ever, and I've been having a good look through everything, not just the interviews! These, of course, were a high-point, but I can honestly say that all that hard work has not been in vain ... and I've only had a quick browse so far! I especially like what you've done in the series section

Well done on the updates again - still finding new stuff!

Paul Allum

Fantastic! I love it

Greg Jamieson

(On The High-T Website and Jeremy's The T-Room)
Are these two sites sister sites or something?


I have just been to your site as I used to be a massive T-Bag fan.

Jack Webb

Iíve just seen your T-Bag site - I love it!! I loved the show so much as a kid especially the Georgina Hale series ;-) Anyway I just wanted to sat hello and keep up the excellent work ;-)

I checked out some of the clips - thanks - they brought back so many memories ;-) I really enjoyed the show so much ;-)
Anyway Jamie, take care mate and I will keep coming back to website - I'll give the address to my mates in America - they were over last year and we watched pearls of wisdom when we got home from a club - it was a laugh lol!! They would love this ;-)
Anyway keep up the excellent work and will see you on the board sometime ;-)"

Steven Lancaster

"Hi Jamie, From time to time I drop in on Jeremy's site for a blast of happy nostalgia (and to escape work for 10 minutes!) and today I discovered the link to your wonderful new fanpage. I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for helping to keep alive the memory of T-Bag. Lee and I are constantly overwhelmed by the warmth and affection shown by fans of the series. The T-Bag years were incredibly jolly times for us, as well. Very best regards."

(On the 20th Anniversary interview questions)
Hope these few thoughts are of some help to you. They were very good questions and it was great fun answering them. All the very best in this 20th anniversary year, please do stay in touch - and thanks again for all your excellent work.

Grant Cathro (Co-Writer)

"What a fabulous site. You're a credit to The T.Set. Keep up the good work. Good luck and best wishes"

Lee Pressman (Co-Writer)

"Well done with the Site - most entertaining." &

"Well done in producing such a good Site. I love the interactive aspect of it." &

"Good luck with the Site. I'm always glad when new info on T-Bag surfaces because it helps to raise awareness for the show and this can only be a good thing. I'm also glad that you are covering different ground than I am and are not simply recycling my Website into a different format. You often see fansites on old shows that are full of the same information, and there is nothing I find more annoying than reading the same document over and over. Cheers!"
(On The High-T Website and his The T-Room)
Jamie's site is more than worthy - I really enjoy reading it, and am glad that he can offer something different than I do. I just help out with the odd image and bits of info (especially the T-Bag mistakes).

Jeremy Vines (Webmaster of The T-Room)

"I've had a look at your awesome site, and I love it so much!" & "People, check out his site! It rocks!!!"


"Hi there, I must say how much I have enjoyed reading your T-Bag website and forum. As a big fan as the series it was great to reminisce with the help of the excellent pictures and summaries. With very best wishes."

Jamie W

"Hey Jay, was a real big fan of the great T-bag when i was young, just wondered if there are any plans to release the series on Dvd? If not Why not, it was quality. Still have a copy of a couple of episodes on Vhs, very old and worn now. Also the christmas special where she plays an evil mary poppins! They dont write em like that anymore."


"Hey dude I just checked out your High-T website and I wanted to let you know I thought it was great. It's so good to see site of old tv shows we used to watch when we were young. I used to love watching T-Bag when I was little I still remember T-Shirt and T-Bag. lol. Anyway just wanted to let you know you have done a great job, keep it up. ;o)"


"Just an email to say thankyou so much for doing the T-Bag website forum, T-Bag is one of the earliest children programes I remember, I always ran home from school anticipating to watch it. I was a big fan of T-Bag since day one, it was a realy cool programme. It's a shame that there are no releases as yet to release it on DVD but guaranteed I will be there first in line to get it, once again thankyou. You won't believe the memories it has brought back :@)"


"Keep up the good work on the site, it`s ace."


"Compliments to your awesome site, the site is well-made!"

"I visited your website and it was very good"


T-BAG, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Finally someone else to share my ego of Knightmare Mike and Angelo and T-Bag