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Welcome to the navigational help page. This page has been designed to help you get the most from this website and is your guide to the T-Juntions through time and (cyber) space.

This guide is split into sections as follows:

The Top and side menu

The top and side menu bar contains useful information and links and there are also other things to discover that will help in your navigation of this website.

Top menu links
These links along the top menu bar can guide you through the various sections of the website, some will take you to a new page and others will open a sub-menu below (the silver row of links).
Homepage shortcut
If you want to to return to the homepage you can click on T-Bag's flying saucer that flies across the top menu.
Search engine
You can use the search box here to search for certain information on the website, interested in just seeing about something in particular just enter some text in here and click search!
The sidemenu
This side menu gives you further links to explore the website, split into sections such as High-T pages (main pages focusing on the website itself i.e. updates), T-Bag sections (focusing on the programme with series and episode guides, image galleries, making of features, interviews, trivia etc).
Back to page links
These 'back to' links show what section of the website you are on and links back to the index pages of the sections you came from (i.e. the interview (as in the picture) is in the interviews section which is from the making of T-Bag section and from the main index page). These links will help guide you around the website quicker than ever before.
Random page link
As the website is always growing and there are somethings I don't want you to miss out on seeing, there is now a random page link which will take you to some great pages including Designing the sets feature, the interview pages, the scripts page, the latest trivia quiz and much more. There are currently over 15 random links with more to be added in the future!

The Webpage footer

The footer can be found at the bottom of every page of the website and contains useful information and links.

Footer links
These links on the footer can also guide you around the website, the first column of links will take you to the homepage (index), the contact me page, the search page (where you can use various search engines to explore the website) and the T-Bag Forum where you can chat to fellow fans.
Footer links
The second column of links help to get back to the website at a future date (either save the website in your favourites/bookmarks or as your homepage), the following two links will either take you back to the previous page you were on or to the very top of the page you are on now.
Add This bookmarker
Every page also has a 'add this' bookmarker (so you can add this website to your other favourites on digg, stumbleupon, facebook, twitter etc) and an e-mail box (so you can let your friends know about the website).

One final thing that will help you discover everything the website has to offer is the sitemap page which features links to every page on the website, you can find the sitemap page here.

If you have any comments or ideas on how to make the website easier to navigate please feel free to contact me.