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Welcome to the Children's TV Programmes Links Page. This page has links for many children's TV programmes from the 1970's, 80's and 90's (and a few before and afterwards).

If you have a website dedicated to a children's TV program and you want me to provide a link to your website here please just ask me (e-mail me or PM me on the Forum with the link). In return please could you provide a link on your site to this site. Thanks!

The sites are listed in Alphabetical order of the programme name or website name.

These websites I have either found by searching or through a link provided from another site. I have added them here as I think people who used to watch these shows should see these websites!

I have added many programmes names, these are the programmes I most want links for. You can still send me other links to sites about your other favourite children's TV programmes!

If any of these links no longer work or the urls of the webpage has changed please contact me and I'll update the link.

Click on one of the Letters below to take you straight to the children' TV programmes beginning with that letter.

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General Children's TV Programmes With pages on over 150 classic kids TV programmes
Watched It! With many links to children's TV programmes!
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80s Cartoons
Nostalgia 90 kids
Cult Telly
TV Timewarp
Jedi's Paradise - Children's TV from the Past
The Big Cartoon Database
Toon Hound
Little Gems
Classic Kids TV
Kids Classic Programmes From Yesteryear (All TV programmes not just Children's TV)
Cosgrove Hall Ate My Brain
Open Directory - Children's Programmes
Classic Nick Online
Glad You Remember (Spatz, Pob, SuperTed and more)

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Specific Children's TV Programmes


Alvin And The Chipmunks:
- Cartoon about three chipmunks in a band - Alvin, Simon, Theodore.
Links wanted!


Bad Influence:
- CiTV programme from Oct 92 to Jan 96 about videogames. Hosted by Andy Crane and Violet Berlin.
Bad Fan Website

Banana Man:
- The Classic cartoon, when Eric eats a banana he turns into...
Classic Nick - Bananaman Fan Website

- Oh Lovely Bertha, sometimes I think you're a dream!
Bertha (Watched It! page) Fan Website

Bodger & Badger:
- Mash Potatoes!
Links wanted!

Bonkers, Disney's:
- Disney cartoon starring Bonkers
Bonkers Online

- Strength of the Bear, cartoon
Links wanted!

Button Moon:
- We're off to Button Moon to visit Mr Spoon, Button Moon!
Links wanted!


C.A.B. (Citizen's Advice Bureau):
- Drama revolving around Colin Freshwater and Franny Barnes (Mason) and the strange happenings in their junk shop.
The C.A.B. HQ Website Fan Website

Camberwick Green:
- 1960's programme with classic characters such has Windy Miller.
The Trumptonshire Web Fan Website

California Dreams:
- American programme about a group of teens in a band called California Dreams.
California Dreams Homepage NEW

Captain N The Game Master:
- Nintendo cartoon from the 1980's about a boy 'sucked' into videogame land where he has to do battle with classic Nintendo Villians such as Mother Brain.
Captain Fan Website

Charlie Chalk:
- Charlie Chalk many adventures upon merryweather island with the locals such as Arnold, Edward and Lewis T Duck.
Charlie Chalk (Watched It! page) Webpage

Chip 'N' Dale Rescue Rangers, Disney's:
- Disney cartoon about a duo of crime-fighting chipmunks and their team - The Rescue Rangers!
Chip N Dale Treehouse Fan Website

Chronicles Of Narnia, The:
- BBC adaptation of the books by C.S. Lewis
Links wanted!

Count Duckula:
- Cartoon about a vampire duck and his wacky adventures.
Count Duckula (Cosgrove Hall Ate My Brain page) Webpage


- The greatest secret agent in the world.

Darkwing Duck, Disney's:
- Let's Get Dangerous.
The Darkwing Duck page

- Cartoon about young Dogtanian on his quest to become a Muskateer.

Donkey Kong Country:
- Computer animated adventure based on the Nintendo Kong family.
Donkey Kong Universe

Dreamstone, The:
- Cartoon about the Old Dreammaker, guardian of the most precious and powerful object in the land - the Dreamstone.
The Ultimate Dreamstone Episode Guide
Nyanko The Dreamstone Website

DuckTales, Disney's:
- Disney cartoon about Scrooge McDuck and his three nephews - Heuy, Dewey and Louie.
The Unofficial DuckTales Website

Dungeon's And Dragons:
- Adventure cartoon about six children transported into a world of dragons and trying to get back to the real world.
Cavern of Tiamat Fan website


Educating Marmalade/Danger Marmalade At Work:
- Children's ITV programme starring the worst-behaved girl in the world, Marmalade Atkins.
Marmalade Atkins - The Bad Girls Cupboard Fan Website

Emu's World:
- There's somebody at the door, there's somebody at the door!
Links wanted!
Also see Grotbag's


Family-Ness, The:
- Cartoon with two children, Elspeth and Angus, who know about the family of Loch-Ness monsters including Lovely-ness.
The Family-Ness

Fraggle Rock:
- From Jim Henson - meet the Fraggles down at Fraggle Rock.
Unnofficial Fraggle Rock


Galaxy High School:
- Cartoon about a high-school in space.
Links wanted!

Ghostbusters, The Real:
- Classic 80's cartoon about the Ghostbusters.
Ghost The Real Ghostbusters Archive

Goof Troop, Disney's:
- Disney cartoon starring Goofy and Max
Links wanted!

Grotbag's World:
- Live action programme about the evil green witch, Grotbags.
The Grotbags Website
Also see Emu's World

Gummi Bears, The Adventures Of The, Disney's:
- Bouncing here and there, high adventures that's beyond compare.
New Gumbrea


Happy Families:
- Based on the books by Allan Alhberg, with charcters such as Mrs Wobble the Waitress and Mrs Plugg the Plumber.
Links wanted!

Harry's Mad:
- About a talking parrot who lived with a family who runs a hotel.
Links wanted!

He-Man Masters Of The Universe:
- Classic cartoon! I have the power!
Castle Grayskull
Also see She-Ra Princess Of Power

Henry's Cat:
- Children's cartoon series shown on the BBC about the adventures of the laid back Henry's Cat.
The Henry's Cat Page


Inspector Gadget:
- Cartoon about the hapless secret agent with a vast array of gadgets - Go go Gadget copter!
Links wanted!


Jamie And The Magic Torch:
- Cartoon about the Adventures of Jamie and his dog Wordsworth in cuckoo land.
Jamie And The Magic Torch (Watched It! page)
Jamie And The Magic Torch (Cosgrove Hall Ate My Brain page)


Knightmare (CiTV, 1987-1994):
- Adventure game where children have to guide one of their friends through the dungeon.



Maid Marion And Her Merry Men:
- Programme starring Tony Robinson.
The Hideout
Programme Guide

Mike & Angelo:
- Longest running show written by Lee Pressman and Grant Cathro.
Mike and Angelo Fan Webpage

Mortal Kombat Defenders Of The Realm:
- Animated adventures based on the video game.
Links wanted!

Mysterious Cities Of Gold, The:
- Cartoon adventure about three children searching for the Mysterious Cities of Gold.
The Mysterious Cities Of Gold


Nellie The Elephant:
- Cartoon about Nellie the elephant, who said goodbye to the circus.
Links wanted!



Paw Paws:
- Cartoon about a group of Indian bears led by Princess Paw Paw. The Princesses magical moonstone allowed her to call the help from the totem pole of animals - a huge wooden bear standing on a red turtle with a golden eagle resting on its head.
Links wanted!

Penny Crayon:
- Following the adventures of Penny Crayon, a school girl who loves drawing - but everything she draws comes to life.
Links wanted!

Pigeon Street:
- Animated adventures about the people and animals who live on Pigeon Street.
The Pigeon Street Homepage

- The bus stops on a different stop, what stop will it be today? The Why-bird stop, the playground stop or the Tent stop?
Links wanted!

- The cartoon based on the Nintendo video games.



- Up above the streets and houses, rainbow flying high. Classic children's programme with Bungle, George and Zippy.
Rainbow (bt internet)
Also see Rod, Jane and Freddy

Raccoons, The:
- BBC series about a family of raccoons including Bert, Ralph and Melissa.
The Racoons Website (Nostalgia Zone)

Raggy Dolls:
- British 2D animated series about the dolls sent to the reject bin. With Princess, HiFi, Lucy, Claude, Sad Sack, Back to Front and Dotty.
Links wanted!

Renford Rejects:
- Nikelodeon programme about a football team.
Links wanted!

- Childrens sitcom about a small group of ghosts who formed 'Rentaghost', an organisation where people could hire them to perform unique tasks.

Rod, Jane And Freddy:
- The programme about the regulars from Rainbow, Rod, Jane and Freddy.
Links wanted!
Also see Rainbow


Saved By The Bell (including The College Years & The New Class):
- American 80's (and 90's) programme about a group of six kids at Bayside High School.
Saved By The Bell Site, Maria's
Saved By The Bell Now Forum

Sharky and George:
- The crime busters of the sea...!
Links wanted!

She-Ra Princess Of Power:
- Cartoon spinoff from He-Man.
She-Ra Homepage
Also see He-Man Masters Of The Universe

Simon And The Witch:
- Programme about Simon and the witch that goes to school with him.
Links wanted!

Sonic The Hedgehog, Adventures Of:
- Cartoon based on Sega's speedy Hedgehog.
Links wanted!

Spatz (CiTV):
- Set in an American diner - written by Lee Pressman and Grant Cathro

Story Teller, Jim Henson's The:
- Stories read by the Story Teller (and his interrupting dog).
Links wanted!

Super Mario Bros. Super Show:
- Classic Nintendo cartoon about the Mario Brothers.
The Mushroom Kingdom Mario Cartoon Index
Super Mario Bros. Super Show (Under Construction)
Super Mario Bros. Cartoons

Super Mario World:
- Based on the Super Nintendo game.
Also see Super Mario Bros. Super Show

Super Ted:
- Cartoon about a rejected Teddy Bear who is brought to life by Spottyman. After a magic potion from Mother Nature he has superpowers making him SuperTed.
Super Ted Official
Super Ted (Glad You Remember)


T-Bag, The Amazing Adventures Of (CiTV 1985-1992):
- Classic Children's ITV programme about the tea drinking witch T. Bag (but of course you knew that already)
All The T-Bag Links You Could Ever Want!

Talespin, Disney's:
- Disney cartoon with characters taken from the classic, The Jungle Book.

Teddy Ruxpin, The Adventures Of:
- Cartoon about Teddy Ruxpin and his friend Grubby the caterpillar and the evil Tweeg.
Teddy Ruxpin Online

Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles:
- Heroes in a half-shell, turtle power!
Links wanted!

- Thunder, thunder, thunder, Thundercats.
ThunderCats Lair
Blackie Cats ThunderCats Site

Trapdoor, The:
- Because there's something down there.
The Trapdoor Site


Uncle Jack:
- Adventure about the kids and their uncle Jack, an eco warrior, who try to foil The Vixen's evil schemes and plans.
Ultimate Uncle Jack


Victor & Hugo Bunglers In Crime:
- About the bungling duo of French crooks.
Victor & Hugo (Cosgrove Hall Ate My Brain page)


Wetter The Better, The:
- Saturday morning show with water and swimming games.
Links wanted!

Where Is Carmen Sandiego?:
- Cartoon adventure about two kids following the trail of Carmen Sandiego.
Links wanted!




- Comic Book style programme with 5 minute sections. Remember Daisy Dare, Cuthbert Lilly (he's dead silly) and Smart Arty?
Links wanted!

Zelda, The Legend Of:
- Nintendo cartoon about the Adventures of Link.
Links wanted!

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All the images on this page have been captured or scanned by me. If you would like to use any of these images on your website (especially if it about one of these programmes) please e-mail me and ask then I could add a link to your site here.

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