The T-Bag Crew Credits

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I have compiled a list of all the crew of all the T-Bag series and specials taken from the credits of the series and other reliable sources such as the IMDB etc, although incomplete it has most the crew listed. Quite a few of my copies of T-Bag I recorded from the TV have some or all credits missing, so any contributions are welcome.

Any additions or corrections please e-mail me.

Use the links to find out more at the Internet Movie Database about the crew members - what else they've done etc. Not all the crew have links as some are not listed on the IMDB.

All cast marked (uncredited) are not credited on any of the episode credits. Department marked with * are not confirmed but are the likely department the crew member worked in based on their existing credits on IMDB.

You can view these credits sorted into order by:

Series Order | Crew name | Crew Surname | Department | Uncredited Crew