Designing T-Bag - The Sketches

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Whilst designing the various sets used throughout the series, the designer John Plant also drew various sketches of the characters and the many varied locations they visited throughout their adventures.

I have been fortunate enough to come into contact with John Plant's family and they have sold The High-T Website some of the sketches John worked on. I would like to sincerely thank them for parting with these designs, the sketches are incredibly detailed and are all hand drawn with pencil, pen and charcoal. All of these sketches can be seen below, please click on the links to load the full-sized images. These sketches cover the first five series of T-Bag.

The sketches for T-Bag Strikes Again and T-Bag Bounces Back were also provided to Revelation Films for an extra feature on the DVD releases in 2011.

These sketches have all been drawn by the designer John Plant. To see the images in their full-sized glory please click the links below.

Wonders In Letterland

Episode 2: 'The T-Square'

Episode 6: 'Debbie and the Pirates'

Episode 8: 'The land of O - In the Clock Tower'

Wonders In Letterland/Trouble With T-Bag

Episode 1:Arrival In Letterland

Square one - The enchanted Garden

Episode 2:Debbie In The Land Of B

The Land of B
The T Square

Episode 3:Debbie In The Land Of S

The land of S - Seashore
The land of S - Seabed

Episode 4:Debbie In The Land Of I

The land of I - Entrance to the cave
The land of I - Cave Interior

Episode 5:Debbie In The Land Of P

The Land of P - Pete's Place
The land of P - The North Pole

Episode 6:Debbie In The Land Of R

The land of R - The Pirate Ship
Debbie and the Pirates

Episode 7:Debbie In The Land Of V

The land of V - The Denizen of the Cave
The land of V- The Cave in the Forest

Episode 8:Debbie In The Land Of O

The land 0f O - Outside the Clock Tower
The land of O - In the Clock Tower

Episode 9:Debbie In The Land Of E

Debbie in the Land of E
The land of E - The Palace gates

Episode 10:Back To Square One

Solving the riddle

T-Bag Strikes Again

Episode 4: 'Junk & Quayside'

Episode 6: 'The Boar's Head Tavern'

Episode 9: 'Castle Ninepintz - The Great Hall'

T-Bag Strikes Again

Episode 1: The Town Square

Town Square
T-Room - stock set
Town Square (copy - with Debbie and Hickory)
Town Square
Town Square (copy - with T-Bag, T-Shirt, Debbie and Hickory)

Episode 2: One, Two, Buckle My Shoe

The Forest
The Palace in the Forest
Palace Kitchen
Palace Kitchen

Episode 3: Ben and Bunty Badshot

Desert Island
Ben's Hut & Beach
Ben Badshott's Hut
Ben Badshott's Hut (copy - with T-Bag and Ben)
The Beach

Episode 4: Scrap Harry

Junk + Quayside
Junk + Quayside (with T-Bag, Debbie & Scrap Harry)

Episode 5: Ali Barber

Ali Barber's Shop
Ali Barber's Shop (with Debbie & Ali)
Sultan's Palace

Episode 6: Dick Gherkin

Inn & Forest
Inn & Forest (copy - with Clarence and Mistress Trueheart)
The Boar's Head Tavern
The Boar's Head at sunset
Crackskull Common

Episode 7: Long John Sylvia

Pirate Radio Ship
Pirate Radio Ship (copy - with Debbie, Sylvia and Jack)
Beach (copy - with T-Shirt)

Episode 8: Professor Pockets

On the Moon
Professor Pockett's Garden
Interior - Garden Shed

Episode 9: Charlie Chuckles

Castle Neinpintz
Castle Neinpintz
The Great Hall - Castle Neinpintz
The Woods

T-Bag Bounces Back

Episode 1: 'The Adventure Begins'

Episode 8: 'Flight Of The Bell'

Episode 10: 'The Lyre Revealed'

T-Bag Bounces Back

Episode 1: The Ousting Of Major Happy

Village Square
T-Room + Balcony
Debbie and the Major in depondant mood
The adventure begins

Episode 2: Nights In Arabia

Omar Carafe at his water hole
Omar and his budgie

Episode 3: Ivan The Horrible

Throne Room
Prince Ivan and Count Boris in the Royal Garden
King Ivan holds court

Episode 4: Black Hearted Belle

Pirate Ship
Debbie meets Black Hearted Belle
Pirate Ship (copy - with T-Bag & Black Hearted Belle)

Episode 5: Bobby Jobsworth and The Temple Of Doom

Searching for treasure
Deep in the jungle - Debbie with Bobbie Jobsworth
Debbie entombed with Bizzie Beaver

Episode 6: Hi-Hat

The Princess makes up her mind
Royal Pagoda

Episode 7: Bell, Book and Candle

Battle of the witches
The Royal Interloper
T-Bag takes a beating (copy only)

Episode 8: Max The Miller

Debbie in Holland
Flight of the bell

Episode 9: Nikdit The Thief

Indian Market
Uncle Jumbo at home
Nikdit at work

Episode 10: Happy Ending

The Lyre revealed

Turn On To T-Bag

Episode 3: 'In the Monastery'

Episode 5: 'The riddle of the tomb'

Episode 7: 'The pimple and the two Musketeers'

Turn On To T-Bag

Episode 1:Sparkes

The Laboratory

Episode 2:Gangsters

New York 1930's
New York copshop 1930's
Musical agony in the T Room

Episode 3:Yeti!

Dawn in the Himalyas
In the Monastery

Episode 4:Bubble Boy

Soap Commercial
South Fork terrace

Episode 5:Pyramids

The riddle of the tomb
The Queen of the Nile

Episode 6:Scrimp

The unwelcome carol singers
The night anglers
The Christmas meal

Episode 7:The Two Musketeers

The pimple and the 2 Muskateers
The Hungry thief
Emil the Gaoler

Episode 8:The African Queen

Holly discovered
The Conspirators

Episode 9:Doc Leaf

Doc Leaf's sales pitch
Checking in

T. Bag And The Revenge Of The T. Set

Episode 10: 'T. Bag at the Temple of the T. Set'

T. Bag and The Revenge Of The T. Set

Episode 1: The Stone Circle

The T-Room

Episode 10: The Ceremony

T bag at the Temple of the T set