Character Trivia

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Welcome to the Trivia page all about the characters throughout all the series!

The Mumsy and Granny Bag Paradox
According to The Internet Movie Database Peggy Mount (Mumsy Bag) was born in 1916 and Denise Coffey (Granny Bag) was born in 1936, 20 years difference. In the interview with Lee Pressman and Grant Cathro on The T-Room website it says that there were several years difference but I didn't think it would be 20 years!

Long Lost Last Name
Out of all the five girls throughout the series only Debbie didnt have a last name even though she appeared in the most episodes. The other girls full names are Holly Anna Jones, Sally Simpkins, Polly-Zena and Penny Hunt.

The Name Game
Many of the names of the characters throughout the T-Bag series do have different meanings. This is a list of some of them I can think of. Some may be very obvious but others are a bit more obscure and unusual. How many had you noticed?

Series/SpecialEpisode(s)Character NameDifferent Meaning
Wonders In Letterland8Fife O ClockFive O Clock
T-Bag Strikes Again5Sultan VinegarSalt And Vinegar
7Jack PluggJack Plug
T-Bag Bounces Back1 & 10Major HappyMade You Happy (Made-Ja Happy)
2Omar CarafeOh My Carafe
5Bizzy BeaverBusy Beaver
9Winnie De MilleWindmill
9NikditNicked It
Turn On To T-Bag3Daisy DigwellDaisy Dig Well
7Emil ForteuxA Meal For Two
8Bertha BoatBerth A Boat
9Doc LeafDock Leaf
9DorabellaDoor Bell
T. Bag And The Revenge Of The T-Set5Hazell KnuttHazelnut
5Herr KrimperHair Crimper
6Saul WrightAll Right
8Vincent VandriverVincent Van Driver
8Toulouse La ShirtTo Lose La Shirt
9Tyrone BagTie r'own bag
T. Bag And The Pearls Of Wisdom2Doc LeafDock Leaf
6Rob McCarrRob My Car
6Dora McCarrDoor 'a (of) My Car
9Rick O SheaRicochet
9Beau LeggeBow Leg
T. Bags Christmas Ding-Dong1990 SpecialMaria Von MortheimMaria One More Time
T. Bags Christmas Turkey1991 SpecialBango The ClownBang go the clown
T. Bag And The Sunstones Of Montezuma3Hamburger GuzzlerHamburger Guzzler
5Sonny DazeSunny Days
5Ed BangerHead Banger
6Doctor PopovDoctor Pop Off
8Toulouse La ShirtTo Lose La Shirt
Take Off With T-Bag5Bermuda ShultzBermuda Shorts
7Olwyn De BagOld Windbag