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As Tow-Ling Shirt

As Tow-Ling Shirt
Take Off With T. Bag (1992)

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As spoiled boy

As spoiled boy
Take Off With T. Bag (1992)

FULL NAME: Bea Julakasiun
Spoiled Boy (Take Off With T-Bag Episode 9 The Red Shoes)
10 Episodes (1 Series)

BIRTH DATE: Unknown?
STAR SIGN: Unknown?

Harry Enfield's Festive Television Programme

Harry Enfield's Festive
Television Programme (1992)

Bea joined T-Bag in the final series, Take Off With T-Bag, playing T-Shirt’s cousin Tow-Ling Shirt. Bea was always credited in the opening credits of Take off with T. Bag as 'Introducing Bea Julakasiun'. He also appeared as the spoiled boy in episode nine of the same series although this was not credited in the episode credits.


As Danny
Desmond's (1992)

Bea makes other TV appearances in 1992, first appearing in an episode of the sitcom 'Desmond's' titled 'All Things Bright' in October 1992 playing Danny, one of the naughty children on their sunday school trip.

Bea made his last known TV appearance in the festive version of Harry Enfield's TV programme alongside several other children in certain sketches. Apart from this Bea has no other acting appearances.

There is a board dedicated to the rest of the T-Bag cast including Bea Julakasiun on The T-Bag Forum!
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Take Off With T-Bag
Kids TV Series | Main cast (10 episodes)
As: Tow-Ling Shirt
Many Happy Returns (#1.1, 08/09/1992)
Theif Of Baghdad (#1.2, 15/09/1992)
Bagsy Malone (#1.3, 22/09/1992)
Curse Of The Mummy (#1.4, 06/10/1992)
Doctor Strangebag (#1.5, 13/10/1992)
Antony and Cleopatra (#1.6, 20/10/1992)
Phantom Of The Opera (#1.7, 27/10/1992)
Bin Bag (#1.8, 03/11/1992)
The Red Shoes (#1.9, 10/11/1992) ... (Also as Spoiled Boy (uncredited))
Shangri-La (#1.10, 17/11/1992)

TV Series | Guest cast (1 episode)
As: Danny
All Things Bright (#4.1, 05/10/1992)

Harry Enfield's Television Programme
TV Series | Guest cast (1 episode)
As: Child
Harry Enfield's Festive Television Programme (#2.7, 23/12/1992)