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Elizabeth Estensen (Tallulah Bag)
From The Liverbirds to Emmerdale Pub landlady - charting the successful career of Liz Estensen.
Georgina Hale (Tabatha Bag)
The UK's biggest cult actress, transcending TV, film, stage and radio a career with so many highlights - it's difficult knowing where to begin.
John Hasler (Thomas/T-Shirt)
From childhood actor to a budding voice-over career.
Jennie Stallwood (Debbie)
A childhood actress, starring in three series of T-Bag, and years later having a family life.
Diana Barrand (Holly-Anna Jones)
From T-Bag to girlband popstar, manager and model.
Kellie Bright (Sally Simpkins)
From child actress to stage, screen and radio actress. Former Bad Girl, Me Julie, Joan Trotter and landlady of the Queen Vic!
Natalie Wood (Polly-Zena)
Adventure seeking girl seeks the next golden ring.
Evelyn Sweeney (Penny Hunt)
Child actress, featuring as two characters during the last two series of T-Bag!
Bea Julakasiun (Tow-Ling Shirt)
Everyone's favourite Shirt cousin.