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As Penny

As Penny in T. Bag and The
Sunstones Of Montezuma (1992)

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As Penny

As Penny in T. Bag and The
Sunstones Of Montezuma (1992)

CHARACTER/S IN T-BAG: Penny Hunt (T-Bag And The Sunstones Of Montezuma)
Letitia (Take Off With T-Bag Episode 6 Antony And Cleopatra)
11 Episodes (1 Series & 1 Episode)

BIRTH DATE: Unknown?
STAR SIGN: Unknown?

The Bill

The Bill (1999)

Evelyn made a cameo appearance in an episode of the channel four sitcome 'Josie' (1991) during one sketch where she played Josie's daughter, the sketch also included an appearance from Denise Coffey as the maid.

Evelyn was the last of the five girl protagonists playing Penny Hunt, daughter of Diggory, in T. Bag and The Sunstones Of Montezuma.

Penny shared many similar traits with Debbie (sarcastic, assertive and slightly aggressive) and Evelyn brought the character to life, often arguing with T-Bag, T-Shirt and the other characters from the episodes.

Evelyn also reappeared in the following series in a guest role as the roman girl Letitia (hasnít she got a hankie?) in episode six of Take Off With T. Bag.

Evelyn also appeared in three episodes of BBC drama 'Rides' (1992) playing Jo-Anne, the daughter of Aileen.

Evelyn also appeared in the ITV show The Bill in 1999 playing a receptionist in one episode. Evelyn has made no other known appearances in TV programmes.

There is a board dedicated to the cast of T-Bag including Evelyn Sweeney on The T-Bag Forum!
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TV Series | Guest cast (1 episode)
As: Daughter
Untitled Episode (#1.5, 29/05/1991)

T-Bag And The Sunstones Of Montezuma
Kids TV Series | Main cast (10 episodes)
(6.1.1992 - 9.3.1992)
As: Penny Hunt
In The Footsteps Of Kit Bag (#1.1, 06/01/1992)
Gussie and Twittering (#1.2, 13/01/1992)
Wilma Tell (#1.3, 20/01/1992)
Gone Fishing (#1.4, 27/01/1992)
Hippies (#1.5, 03/02/1992)
Ra Ra Rasputin (#1.6, 10/02/1992)
One Million Years B.C. (#1.7, 17/02/1992)
Napoleon and Josephine (#1.8, 24/02/1992)
Y-Fronts (#1.9, 02/03/1992)
Montezuma's Revenge (#1.10, 09/03/1992)

TV Series | Guest cast (3 episodes)
(10.03.1992 - 24.03.1992)
As: Jo-Anne
Which One of You Is the Victim? (#1.4, 10/03/1992)
For Richer for Poorer (#1.5, 17/03/1992)
Building (#1.6, 24/03/1992)

Take Off With T-Bag
Kids TV Series | Guest cast (1 episode)
As: Letitia
Antony and Cleopatra (#1.6, 20/10/1992)

The Bill
TV Series | Guest cast (1 episode)
As: Receptionist
Wedded Bliss (#15.46, 27/07/1999)