T-Bag The Complete Series DVD Boxset

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On the 21st July 2011 Revelation films announced that a complete series boxset will be released in January 2012.

The full announcement can be found on their website here: Revelation films - Upcoming Releases.

This page chronicles all the latest information about the DVD release with links to online retailers where you can purchase the DVD. News and updates are taken from a variety of sources including Revelation films, Revelation Films Twitter page, Wikipedia - Revelation Films page and Facebook - Revelation Films page.

The planned DVD boxset has been postponed by Revelation Films and was not released in January 2012. Revelation Films have stated on Twitter they still hope to add it to their release schedules later in 2012.


Release Date (UK): TBA
RRP (Recommended Retail Price): Unknown
Released by: Revelation films
Running Time: TBA (94 episodes - 9 Series & 4 Christmas specials).
BBFC Rating: TBA.
Classified (by BBFC): TBA.
BBFC Reference: TBA
Region/Format: PAL region 2
Number of discs: 9
Language: English
Aspect Ratio: unknown


The official blurb has not been announced by Revelation Films yet.


The DVD is currently postponed, as such no online retailers are offering the DVD for pre-order. When pre-orders start to appear on online retailers they will be listed here.

Amazon no longer has the DVD boxset available for pre-order. If you want to pre-order the DVD from Amazon click here as you can still add it to your wishlist.


Below shows the list of episodes and their respective running time (known so far), confirmed by the BBFC.

Wonders In Letterland/Trouble With T-Bag

#Episode TitleRunning time
1Arrival In Letterland00:20:16:05
2Debbie In The Land Of B00:20:10:01
3Debbie In The Land Of S00:20:33:11
4Debbie In The Land Of I00:20:03:21
5Debbie In The Land Of P00:20:04:06
6Debbie In The Land Of R00:19:59:00
7Debbie In The Land Of V00:19:52:07
8Debbie In The Land Of O00:20:01:22
9Debbie In The Land Of E00:20:04:05
10Debbie's Journey Home
(aka Back To Square One)

T-Bag Strikes Again

#Episode TitleRunning time
1The Town Clock00:20:14:23
2One, Two Buckle My Shoe00:20:09:10
3Ben And Bunty Badshot00:20:14:20
4Scrap Harry00:20:14:23
5Ali Barber00:20:14:21
6Dick Gherkin00:19:57:14
7Long John Sylvia00:20:15:01
8Professor Pockets00:19:53:05
9Charlie Chuckles00:20:09:23
10The Magic Garden00:20:19:24

T-Bag Bounces Back

#Episode TitleRunning Time
1The Ousting Of Major Happy00:20:17:04
2Nights In Arabia00:19:57:07
3Ivan The Horrible00:19:33:23
4Black Hearted Belle00:20:05:02
5Bobby Jobsworth and The Temple of Doom00:20:02:17
7Bell, Book and Candle00:19:57:24
8Max The Miller00:19:44:10
9Nikdit The Thief00:19:58:15
10Happy Ending00:19:52:19

Turn on to T-Bag

#Episode TitleRunning Time
4Bubble Boy
7The Two Musketeers
8The African Queen
9Doc Leaf
10Turn On To T-Bag

T. Bag and The Revenge of the T. Set

#Episode TitleRunning Time
1The Stone Circle
2When In Rome
3Lost In Space
4Turkish Delight
5Hazell Knutt's Muesli Bar
6Rock Star Baby
8La Boheme
9The Bard
10The Ceremony

T. Bag and The Pearls of Wisdom

#Episode TitleRunning Time
1Any Old Port
2High Noon
3Elementary, My Dear What-Not
4Grimble And Squiffy
6The Ghost Of Castle McCarr
7Tut Tut
8Cedric Sackbutt's Search For A Song
9Play It Again, Sal
10The Pearls Of Wisdom

T. Bag and The Rings of Olympus

#Episode TitleRunning Time
1The Rings Of Olympus
3The Yukon
4Rum Barbara
6Exit With A Puff
10Return To Olympus

T. Bag and The Sunstones of Montezuma

#Episode TitleRunning Time
1In The Footsteps Of Kit Bag
2Gussie And Twittering
3Wilma Tell
4Gone Fishing
6Ra Ra Rasputin
7One Million Years B.C.
8Napoleon And Josephine
10Montezuma's Revenge

Take Off With T. Bag

#Episode TitleRunning Time
1Many Happy Returns
2Thief Of Baghdad
3Bagsy Malone
4Curse Of The Mummy
5Doctor Strangebag
6Antony And Cleopatra
7Phantom Of The Opera
8Bin Bag
9The Red Shoes

T. Bag Christmas Specials

YearEpisode TitleRunning Time
1988T. Bag's Christmas Cracker
1989T. Bag's Christmas Carol
1990T. Bag's Christmas Ding-Dong
1991T. Bag's Christmas Turkey


Revelation Films have yet to confirm any extras.


More details can be found on the official Revelation Films website. The links below will take you to their website.

Revelation films - Upcoming Releases


These quotes from reliable sources show the development the DVD has taken from initial production to eventual release.

Statement Regarding Upcoming Releases...

Revelation Films is delighted to announce some changes to the upcoming schedule.

2012 will see the release of T-Bag, The Raggy Dolls and Never The Twain as complete collections. These collections will contain all previously released volumes plus the remainder and any specials that are available to us. This does mean that further series will not be released individually, however we hope that the boxsets will be popular with fans who are eager to own these shows on DVD.

Planned Release Dates:
T-Bag The Complete Series: January 2012
Never The Twain The Complete Series: February 2012
The Raggy Dolls The Complete Series: March 2012
(please note that these dates are subject to change)

Thursday, 21 July 2011 11:31

Revelation films - Upcoming Releases

Unfortunately, due to a drop-off in sales, it is no longer commercially viable for us to release the remainder of the series individually.

On a positive note, we do not want to disappoint fans who have already invested in the series by stopping entirely, so in January next year we will release a complete box set collection. This will contain previous individual releases and all remaining series, plus the Christmas Specials.

Revelation Films would like to extend a big thank you to all T-Bag fans for your letters and support.

Bad news I'm afraid. We've had to temporarily remove the set from the schedule. Hopefully we can add it back later in 2012.
Revelation Films - Twitter page

Sorry you feel let down & please know that we are doing our best to bring it out. It hasn't been cancelled at this point.
Revelation Films - Twitter page

Any further news will be added here and at The T-Bag Forum.


"Coming soon!"

Come back for reviews of the DVD which will be added here soon after the DVD is released.