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Use the links below to take you to detailed information on all the T-Bag merchandise ever released including the latest DVD releases!

There is a board dedicated to the T-Bag merchandise on The T-Bag Forum! (more information from other members may be posted there).

Wonders In Letterland/Trouble With T-Bag DVD
The official DVD of the first series released in November 2010.
T-Bag Strikes Again DVD
The official DVD of the second series released in January 2011.
T-Bag Bounces Back DVD
The official DVD of the third series released in May 2011.
T. Bag And The Pearls Of Wisdom VHS Video
The official VHS released in August 1991 of the series.
The Amazing Adventures Of T-Bag Book
The Book released in 1990.
T. Bag The Reunion Documentary DVD
Details about the T-Bag reunion DVD released in September 2007
Other Cult DVDs
Details about other Cult DVDs relating to T-Bag including an interview DVD with Lee Pressman and Grant Cathro about The Tomorrow People (includes mentions of T-Bag) and the Cult TV 2007 Weekender DVD.
Bring T-Bag To DVD Appeal
Details about the appeal to get T-Bag released on DVD.
'Collins' TV Heaven Book
Details about the book released by Collins in November 2005.