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TV Heaven

TV Heaven is a book looking at British Television programmes with many classic and cult shows. The book covers 800 programmes over 954 pages. TV Heaven was released in the UK on the 7th November 2005.

The book has about half a page devoted to T-Bag which consists of a description, a main cast list, and a url to this website:

The T-Bag page is on page 738.

I found out about the book when I received an e-mail a week before the book was released, the e-mail can be seen below:

"We just thought that you would like to know that your website has been listed in ‘Collins TV Heaven’ a new book by accomplished producers Jim Sangster and Paul Condon. So be prepared for the thousands of readers about to hit your site! TV Heaven is a witty, highly opinionated and thoroughly researched look at British telly discussing all the cult hits classics, one-hit wonders, soaps TV firsts and forgotten gems. We are receiving great reviews from television fans from all walks of life and are confident the book is going to be a major hit."


You may be able to get a copy of this book from any of these websites: - TV Heaven

This book is available in all good bookshops with a rrp of £19.99.


More details can be found on the official webpage: - TV Heaven