T-Bag The Reunion Documentary DVD

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The DVD Cover

In September 2007 Fantom Films released T. Bag The Reunion Documentary DVD. This DVD re-unites the main cast and crew of T-Bag with individual and group interviews with them. Alongside photographs and behind the scenes footage of T-Bag this is a real treat for fans of the show.

The DVD features interviews with Elizabeth Estensen (Tallulah Bag), Georgina Hale (Tabatha Bag), John Hasler (T-Shirt/Thomas), Jennie Stallwood (Debbie), Kellie Bright (Sally Simpkins), Jim Norton (The Gardener & other characters), Matt Zimmerman (Doc. Leaf, Saul Wright and Max Clapper), Murray Melvin (Ig & Antony). Crew interviews include both Lee Pressman and Grant Cathro (Writers), Raymond Childe (Costume Designer), Terry Trower (Music & Songs), Glyn Edwards (Director, Rings of Olympus & Sunstones of Montezuma), Neville Green (Director, Take Off With T. Bag).

Elizabeth Estensen
(Tallulah Bag)

Georgina Hale
(Tabatha Bag)

John Hasler

Jennie Stallwood

Kellie Bright
(Sally Simpkins)

Jim Norton
(The Gardner & others)

Matt Zimmerman
(various characters)

Murray Melvin
(various characters)

Lee Pressman &
Grant Cathro (writers)

Raymond Childe
(Costume Designer)

Terry Trower

Glyn Edwards

Neville Green

Two preview clips are available on youtube, which can also be seen below:

Preview Clip One
Preview Clip Two


The DVD was released on 17th September 2007 and was available exclusively through Fantom Films for only £14.99 (or £15.99 for overseas customers) inclusive of P&P.

As the DVD is no longer available to order you may be able to obtain a second hand copy via ebay or elsewhere.


The running time of the DVD is 90 minutes for the main part with interviews with the cast and crew. Alongside this there are extras which last a further 83 minutes which include:

Throughout the main feature there are images of various (never before seen) photographs taken by Lee and Grant on various studio days, these photographs are great to see and worth the price of the DVD alone.


You can find out more about the second day of filming here.


The DVD has been reviewed on the website totalscifionline.com (archive link) rating it 7 out of 10.

If you see any other online reviews please let me know and I'll add them here.


A big indulgence for fans

Well, where should I start? This DVD was a great surprise and a even better treat for fans of the show. I first found out about the possibility of a reunion DVD in early 2007 when Lee Pressman mentioned he was planning a possible reunion and having interviews filmed for a DVD. To say I was excited was an understatement!

After the sheer excitement of the reunion filming I was eagerly awaiting the final DVD and I was more than happy when I received and watched the DVD.

The DVD is a big treat for fans and seeing all of the main cast and crew talking so affectionately about the series and recollect and rekindle their own memories with each other. The insight from both the cast and crew is invaluable to give fans the feeling of nostalgia. The memories given on the DVD will fill fans with a warm fuzzy nostalgic feeling.

Overall the DVD is a big indulgence for fans and is worth the asking price (and more) and I’d urge everyone who watched the series as a child to reminisce with a copy of this DVD, so head over to Fantom Films now and order a copy today.

Jamie (ME).

Order it – you won’t regret it.

My goodness, there’s been very little in the way of product for us T.Bag fans in the twenty-three years (oh dear, how old that makes me feel) since the series was created. Even now, as the show slowly slips into that niche market labelled ‘cult TV’ (and in spite of an online petition bearing nearly two-thousand and seven-hundred signatures, a facebook group with nearly as many members, and countless requests for copies on torrents sites, internet forums and auction pages), we still seem a long way off from a DVD release of this wonderful television gem. OK so we’ve got the prospect of downloadable copies in the very near future, although as I understand it that’s mainly down to the persistent pushing of T.Bag’s creators (thanks Lee and Grant!). So while Fremantle are reluctant to take a gamble on a DVD release, it’s rather heartening that so many of the people who contributed to the series two decades (or slightly less) ago came together last year to take part in Fantom Film’s Reunion Documentary.

I make no apology for gushing during this review. Quite frankly when I heard the news about the documentary I grinned from ear to ear and the resultant ninety-minute film, which I watched fairly soon after the parcel containing it dropped through my letterbox, does not disappoint.

Divided into parts (with titles such as ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’ and ‘T.Bag Takes Off!’), the documentary follows a fairly linear narrative, starting from it’s creation in 1985, charting its gestation and success through the late eighties and early nineties, through to it’s cancellation in 1992. What makes this little low-budget DVD so special is not just its in-depth look into the making of one of my favourite TV shows, but also the enthusiasm with which the interviewees discuss their involvement with the series.

And there’s quite a bevy of them taking part, with major actors Elizabeth Estensen, John Hasler (who has a fantastic memory), Jennie Stallwood, Jim Norton, Kellie Bright and Georgina Hale (sporting Tabatha Bag’s red tiara throughout!); production staff Raymond Childe and Terry Trower; directors Glyn Edwards and Neville Green; and guest stars Matt Zimmerman and Murray Melvyn. Put simply it’s a delight to hear them all fondly recall (or struggle to remember in some cases!) their experiences of making the show and the enjoyment they had at the time, which comes across in the transmitted episodes.

Naturally the most informative of the interviewees are the writers themselves. Lee Pressman and Grant Cathro talk fondly, candidly and with good humour about their modest little creation, the trials of bringing it to the small screen, their ‘prickly’ relationship with original director, Leon Thau (shared, it seems, by most of those involved with the series), and the list goes on. I won’t reveal too much in case some of you out there haven’t seen it. Suffice to say their contribution is the highlight of the DVD (well, for me at least!)

The lack of supporting clips from the show itself means that those who don’t have access to copies of the T.Bag series might find some of this difficult to follow; but what this production lacks in video footage is made up for with the fascinating photographs taken by Pressman and Cathro during production (over a hundred in all by my count).

The goodies don’t stop with the documentary either as the disc features a number of choice extra-features. Especially notable amongst these are the audio interviews with the two T.Bags, John Hasler and Kellie Bright (presented with montages of Pressman and Cathro’s photographs); the interviews with Estensen, Zimmerman and Norton about their careers pre- and post-T.Bag; and, perhaps best of all, the ‘behind-the-scenes’ footage from Take off with T.Bag.

All in all I can’t recommend this DVD highly enough (if you hadn’t guessed already!) and I’m very grateful to Lee Pressman, Grant Cathro (thanks again Grant and Lee – you rock!), the production staff at Fantom Films, and all the heroes (and especially the two anti-heroes) of my childhood for contributing to this marvellous little DVD.

Now, those of you T.Bag fans out there who don’t have this yet, I suggest you go to the Fantom Films website immediately and order it – you won’t regret it.


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