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During a period of time in August 1986 Elizabeth Estensen and John Hasler appeared in character as T-Bag and T-Shirt presenting Children's ITV and introducing the upcoming programmes. This means that T-Bag and T-Shirt would have introduced T-Bag Strikes Again (which aired on the 27th August 1986), meaning this Children's ITV footage would be the first time T-Bag's new red velvet dress would be seen on TV (which wouldn't appear in the series until episode three of T-Bag Strikes Again airing on 10th September 1986). They were succeeded by original Children's ITV presenter, Matthew Kelly, in September 1986.

This page is a tribute to their time on Children's ITV, including pictures, links to video clips, quotes and memories of their time as Children's ITV presenters.

Image Gallery

You can see images taken from T-Bag and T-Shirt presenting Children's ITV, you can click on the image to see a larger version.

Children's ITV Image Gallery

Quotes and video links

All the video recordings of T-Bag and T-Shirt presenting Children's ITV that have been found so far as below. I've added them as quotes and provided links to the videos for you to watch.

Donkey rides

T-Shirt: How can this be a holiday? There aren't any donkey rides?
T-Bag: You can't have any donkeys in here, you can have Robert the Reindeer and Alphabet Zoo though.

Video Link

You drink so much tea

T-Bag: Dramarama later T-Shirt and after the break it's She Ra. Make some fresh tea please.
T-Shirt: You drink so much tea I should make it in my bucket.
T-Bag: This one tastes as if you have.

Video Link

A make believe sandcastle

T-Bag: What are you doing T-Shirt?
T-Shirt: Building a make believe sandcastle. Good isn't it?
T-Bag: Not as good as this week's programmes. There's allsorts, cartoons, pop, nature, stories, plays and comedy. This is the best holiday I've ever had.
T-Shirt: I like something with a bit of action and adventure in it.
T-Bag: You're wish is my command, coming right up, She Ra Princess of Power.

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The stories in Dramarama

T-Shirt: She's brilliant.
T-Bag: So are the stories in Dramarama which is coming up right after the break.
T-Shirt: Great!
T-Bag: Arghh!

Video Link

I should make you disappear

T-Bag: You little monster, I should make you disappear like the young boy in this week's Dramarama. I wonder if they find him.

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S is for sleeping

T-Bag: S is for sleeping.
T-Shirt: B is for ball. Alphabet Zoo is just starting.
T-Bag: Well thanks for the call.

Video Link

The incredible She Ra

T-Bag: Later today it's the woman I have a lot in common with, the incredible She Ra. First a vampire in hiding as we say hello to the Moomin.

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Other memories

If you have any memories of T-Bag and T-Shirt presenting Children's ITV during August 1986 and would like to share those memories please let me know. Here are some so far:

One week ends with T-Bag causing the sliding doors of the studio to close on T-Shirt, trapping him in place. T-Shirt then gets his revenge by causing T-Bag to step on his sticky lolly.

From: Chris

When recording the Reunion DVD Documentary John Hasler was asked what he remembered from being a presenter on Children's ITV and I remember him saying that he had to introduce The Moomins a lot. John's response to this question didn't make the final cut of the DVD documentary.

From: John Hasler

The Quest Continues...

If you find any more video clips on youtube (or on any other video sharing website) with Children's ITV footage of T-Bag and T-Shirt (or any other T-Bag related Children's ITV content) please let me know. If you have any old videos that may contain more T-Bag Children's ITV footage let me know.

There must be more out there somewhere and we would love to see more, the quest continues...