Wonders In Letterland Episode 7: Debbie In The Land Of V

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UK Air Date16/05/1985, 4.20pm
Repeat ScreeningN/A
Copyright YearMCMLXXXV (1985)
VTR Dateunknown
Fremantle Archive Ref31218
Consecutive Episode Number7
IMDB LinkEpisode page

T. Bag (Tallulah Bag)Elizabeth Estensen
T. ShirtJohn Hasler
DebbieJennie Stallwood
Vic The VampireJim Norton
Vulture Puppet
and Black Theatre
John Thirtle (Puppeteer)

CastingSonia Higgins
Make UpGillian Wakeford
Costume DesignerRaymond Childe
Graphic DesignerAlex Forbes
Stage ManagerBobby Webber
Production AssistantPat Lees
Song ByTerry Trower
Written ByLee Pressman
Grant Cathro
DesignerJohn Plant
Executive ProducerMarjorie Sigley
ProducersCharles Warren
Leon Thau
DirectorLeon Thau

Debbie and T-Shirt run to the Land of V, there Debbie meets Vic the Vampire and the wise old Vulture but T-Shirt stays outside the cave where he finds the golden letter V on an arrow but when he drops it in a patch of sleeping violets he goes to sleep whilst trying to find it so T-Bag disguises herself as T-Shirt to get Debbie’s golden letters.
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The golden V

T-Shirt: Are they coming? Are they after us?
Debbie: I don't think so. It's very odd, why do you think T-Bag isn't following us here?
T-Shirt: I don't know. Just a minute.
T-Shirt: Ooh I don't like it here, it's very scary. Couldn't we go back Debs?
Debbie: Come on T-Shirt, you've been very brave and I'm proud of you (kisses him).
T-Shirt: Oh get off.
Debbie: Come on, we've got to try and find the golden V. Want to help me?
T-Shirt: I would if I knew what it looked like.
Debbie: Oh look, that's a V there. That's it.
T-Shirt: That's not hard, I think I could soon get the hang of this reading lark.
Debbie: Let's start looking.
T-Shirt: What's that?
Debbie: I don't know. Look, let's see if it's in this cave.
T-Shirt: I don't want to go in there, it's dark and creepy.
Debbie: Alright, I'll go myself. You look over there.
T-Shirt: What? On my own?
Debbie: You'll be alright. We'll meet back here in five minutes, ok?
T-Shirt: I suppose so. Debbie.
Debbie: What?
T-Shirt: Be careful.
Debbie: I will.

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The vegetarian vulture

Debbie: Hello. Hello there. Wise old Vulture. Wise old Vulture.
The Wise old Vulture: Oh hello little girl.
Debbie: Oh excuse me, I'm looking for the Wise old Vulture, have you seen him?
The Wise old Vulture: No, eh, oh that's me, hu-huh. I'm the Wise old Vulture, hmm.
Debbie: You are?
The Wise old Vulture: Yep I certainly am, hmm.
Debbie: Vic Vampire sent me, he said you might be able to help me out.
The Wise old Vulture: Oh, help you out now, erm, yes I can do that, now let me see, er, er, you turn round and you walk back the way you came in, then you'll be out. Hooh-ooh, has that helped you?
Debbie: No it hasn't, I didn't mean that at all. I'm looking for letters.
The Wise old Vulture: Lettuce? Why didn't you say so in the first place? Oh you've come to the right person.
Debbie: Have I? Great.
The Wise old Vulture: Yes you certainly have, I know everything there is to know about lettuce and cauliflower and cabbages, yes.
Debbie: Oh no, no, I mean.
The Wise old Vulture: No, no, no, I'm the vegetarian vulture you see, hmm, I eat nothing but vegetables, dum, very good for the brain they are.
Debbie: Oh but.
The Wise old Vulture: Aubergines? Oh they're my favourite.
Debbie: Cor.
The Wise old Vulture: Courgettes, even better.

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Sleeping violets

T-Bag: T-Shirt, answer me, where are you? (T-Bag finds him asleep on the ground) Well what have we here? If it isn't Mr Sleeping Beauty himself. Come on T-Shirt wake up. Wakey wakey.
Debbie: T-Shirt, T-Shirt, yuhoo. (Debbie comes out of the cave by the time T-Bag has hidden herself out of sight). T-Shirt, T-Shirt, where are you? Oh dear. T-Shirt.
Vic the Vampire: What's all the noise.
T-Shirt: I was supposed to meet T-Shirt, my friend, here. Well there's no sign of him and I'm worried about him.
Vic the Vampire: Don't worry.
T-Bag: So she wants T-Shirt does she? That gives me a very good idea. T-Shirt she shall have.
(T-Bag, disguised as T-Shirt, appears by magic).
T-Bag (as T-Shirt): Hello Debbie, hmm-hum, Hello Debbie, here I am.
Debbie: T-Shirt, oh T-Shirt where have you been? I was afraid something had happened to you.
T-Bag (as T-Shirt): Nothing happened to me, I'm fine.
Debbie: Any sign of the golden letter?
T-Bag (as T-Shirt): Golden letter, actually no. Have you still got the others?
Debbie: Course I have.
T-Bag (as T-Shirt): Show me them.
Debbie: Oh for goodness sake.
T-Bag (as T-Shirt): Please.
Debbie: Oh alright. (As she takes them out her bag he tries to snatch them). What are you doing T-Shirt?
T-Bag (as T-Shirt): Let me look closer, let me have them in my hand.
Debbie: No, what for?
T-Bag (as T-Shirt): Give me them.
Debbie: I don't know what's the matter with you today T-Shirt but I'm putting these away where they're safe.
T-Bag (as T-Shirt): Curse you child.
(T-Bag disappears).
Vic the Vampire: What was all that about?
Debbie: I have no idea. My friend's acting really strangely.
Vic the Vampire: Oh perhaps he is not well, maybe we should follow him.
Debbie: You're right, T-Shirt.
(They find the real T-Shirt fast asleep on the ground).
Vic the Vampire: Why there he is.
Debbie: Oh what happened? Did he fall? Is he alright?
Vic the Vampire: Come on my friend, wake up, wake up, hello.
Debbie: Oh what's the matter with him?
Vic the Vampire: Oh I think I see what has happened.
Debbie: What?
Vic the Vampire: He has sniffed one of these.
Debbie: What are they?
Vic the Vampire: Violets, sleeping violets to be precise.
Debbie: Sleeping violets?
Vic the Vampire: Yes, one whiff, one sniff and you will fall asleep for one hundred years.
Debbie: Oh no.
Vic the Vampire: Careful you might sniff them as well.
Debbie: Isn't there a way of waking him up? There must be.
Vic the Vampire: Just a moment, let me think, yes there is a way, what does the ancient rhyme say? A spell is cast when a whiff is taken which only a kiss will reawaken.
Debbie: A kiss?
Vic the Vampire: Yes, before your friend can wake up you must first of all give him a kiss.
Debbie: Errrghh, do I have to?
Vic the Vampire: I'm afraid so, otherwise (he snores) for one hundred years.
Debbie: I suppose I'd better then.
(Debbie leans over and kissed him, T-Shirt then wakes up).
T-Shirt: Ah get off, what are you playing at?
Debbie: T-Shirt you're alright.
Vic the Vampire: It worked.
T-Shirt: Who's he?
Debbie: This is Vic.
Vic the Vampire: How do you do?
Debbie: Why did you try and grab my satchel?
T-Shirt: Huh?
Vic the Vampire: Some way for a friend to behave.
T-Shirt: What?
Debbie: You were really horrid.
T-Shirt: Huh?
Debbie: And then going off like that?
T-Shirt: I don't know what you're talking about.
Debbie: Yes you do.
T-Shirt: But I've been here all the time.
Debbie: I don't know what's the matter with you today T-Shirt but you aren't being yourself at all.
(T-Bag is back still disguised as T-Shirt).
T-Bag (as T-Shirt): We all know why that is don't we? Because he isn't the real T-Shirt, I am.
Debbie: Oh no.
Vic the Vampire: Twins.
Debbie: They're not twins. One of them must be the old T-Bag in disguise.
Vic the Vampire: Oh.
T-Bag (as T-Shirt): I'm the real T-Shirt, I am, I am.
T-Shirt: No you're not, I am, I am.
Debbie: Now we're in a pickle, who is who? Which one is T-Shirt.
T-Shirt: I am.
T-Bag (as T-Shirt): I am.
Debbie: Alright, prove that you're T-Shirt, what do you think of the old T-Bag?
T-Bag (as T-Shirt): The old T-Bag?
Debbie: That's right.
T-Bag (as T-Shirt): Alright, she's... she's horrible.
Debbie: Horrible?
T-Bag (as T-Shirt): Yes horrible, horrible.
Debbie: That's more like it, now you, you prove that you're T-Shirt, what do you think of the T-Bag?
T-Shirt: I think she's horrible too.
Debbie: I don't know who to believe, they look exactly alike.
T-Shirt: I've got it.
Debbie: What?
T-Shirt: This?
Debbie: The golden V. Oh now I know you're T-Shirt. T-Bag would never give me one of these letters.
(T-Bag transforms herself back to normal).
T-Bag: Kwuorhh. Well I nearly got you that time didn't I but next time. And you, you little traitor, so I'm horrible am I? Get back to the T-Square where you belong.
T-Shirt: No, I want to stay with Debbie.
T-Bag: This instant, I'll deal with you later
(T-Bag uses her magic and T-Shirt disappears).
T-Shirt (echoes): Debbie, Debbie, Debbie.
T-Bag: And you little Madam, give that satchel to me.
Vic the Vampire: Just one moment.
T-Bag: What?
Vic the Vampire: I have a little gift for a lovely lady.
T-Bag: What lovely lady?
Vic the Vampire: Why yourself of course.
T-Bag: Oh yes of course.
Vic the Vampire: Flowers. Violets for a pretty petal like yourself.
T-Bag: Yes they are almost as enchanting as I am aren't they?
Vic the Vampire: And they smell divine, here. (T-Bag takes a whiff).
T-Bag: Ah. (Yawns) Curse you. Ooh what's happening to me? (Yawns) Must get back to the T-Square before I... (yawns).
(T-Bag uses her magic and disappears).
Debbie: She's gone, she'll sleep for one hundred years.
Vic the Vampire: That is right.
Debbie: It's the end of the T-Bag. Hooray, oh, look, it's the end of the T-Bag.

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"A Kiss is just a Kiss"
At the start of the episode, when Debbie tells T-Shirt she is proud of him for being so brave on their quest, she kisses him unflinchingly. Yet later, when Vic tells her she has to kiss T-Shirt to wake him up, she seems quite disgusted by the idea and is reluctant to kiss him.

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  • John Thirtle, who was the puppeteer for The Wise old Vulture, sadly passed away on 5th June 1995, aged 46.
  • According to the BBFC rating for the DVD release this episode has the shortest runtime of the series at 19 minutes 52 seconds.

  • This is one of four episodes of this series to have an additional cast member.
    (Wonders in Letterland, Episode 2: Debbie In The Land Of B)
    (Wonders in Letterland, Episode 3: Debbie In The Land Of S)
    (Wonders in Letterland, Episode 9: Debbie In The Land Of E)
  • When Debbie and T-Shirt run back through the lands of the board game in episode 10, they hear Vic The Vampire who calls out 'Good luck Debbie'.
    (Wonders in Letterland, Episode 10: Back To Square One)
  • John Thirtle, who is the puppeteer for The Wise old Vulture, appears in two episodes throughout the nine series of T-Bag. This is his first of his two appearances.
    (T-Bag Strikes Again, Episode 8: Professor Pockets)
  • T-Bag uses her magic to disguise herself as another character (played by the other actor), in this episode T-Bag disguises herself as T-Shirt (played by John Hasler). Tallulah Bag does this twice more and this is only done once by Tabatha Bag in T. Bag and The Rings of Olympus.
    (Wonders in Letterland, Episode 1: Arrival In Letterland)
    (T-Bag Strikes Again, Episode 10: The Magic Garden)
    (T. Bag and The Rings of Olympus, Episode 10: Return To Olympus)