T-Bag Strikes Again Episode 8: Professor Pockets

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UK Air Date15/10/1986, 4.20pm
Repeat Screening25/05/1988, 4.20pm
Copyright YearMCMLXXXVI (1986)
VTR Date08/11/1985
Fremantle Archive Ref33212 (series ref)
Consecutive Episode Number18
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T. Bag (Tallulah Bag)Elizabeth Estensen
T. ShirtJohn Hasler
DebbieJennie Stallwood
Professor PocketsArthur Howard
The HooterJohn Thirtle (Puppeteer)

Make UpLesley Sanders
Costume DesignerRaymond Childe
Graphic DesignerAlex Forbes
Stage ManagerBobby Webber
Production AssistantPat Lees
Song ByTerry Trower
Written ByLee Pressman
Grant Cathro
DesignerJohn Plant
Executive ProducerMarjorie Sigley
ProducersCharles Warren
Leon Thau
DirectorLeon Thau

Debbie arrives in story number 8, she meets Professor Pockets. Through his telescope she sees the number 8 on the moon so she tricks T-Bag into sending them there but when on the moon they find out that the number belongs to the Hooter who loves music.
The High-T Website synopsis
Debbie arrives in the garden of the strange Professor Pocketts who likes to look at the skies and study the stars. He discovers an unidentified object on the moon and Debbie has a good guess at what it might be.
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What my stars have to say

T-Bag: Urhhh I feel on top of the world today, a cup of tea I think T-Shirt. Ooh, Miss Clever clogs' nose is truly out of joint this time, did you see the smile evaporate from her furious little face when I threw her precious silver seven into the sea, Ah, ooh, I wish I had that moment to keep, it was priceless. Where's that tea? Oh do snap out of this sulk T-Shirt, it's getting on my nerves.
T-Shirt: Hmm.
T-Bag: Thank you (takes a sip of tea). Ah, uh, let's see what my stars have to say. You will shed no tears at the departure of an old enemy. Deborah? However someone very close could let you down. Well that's nothing new. A shocking day in store, take care lest you get your fingers burnt. What a load of old rubbish.

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To the moon with you

Professor Pockets: Ah, good evening.
T-Bag: Good Evening.
Professor Pockets: Oh you do.
T-Bag: Do what?
Professor Pockets: Look like a T-Bag.
T-Bag: What?
Professor Pockets: Oh it's names you know, I'm fascinated by names and you do look like a Bag. Ha heh heh huh, I knew a Bag once, Kit Bag, nice girl.
T-Bag: Cut out the small talk, you know full well why I'm here. I want to know the whereabouts of a certain little creature who answers to the name of Debbie, blurgh-urgh-urgh.
Professor Pockets: A little girl about so high?
T-Bag: Yes.
Professor Pockets: Er, yellow dress, red hair, blue eyes, freckly face, er, gold bag?
T-Bag: Yes, yes, yes.
Professor Pockets: Never seen her.
T-Bag: Phurwh, you dare to lead me up the garden path? Where's that girl?
Professor Pockets: She's not here.
T-Bag: Who says?
Professor Pockets: She does.
T-Bag: Oh she does, when did she tell you that?
Professor Pockets: Oh just now, in the shed.
T-Bag: Oh just now, in the shed, oh really.
Professor Pockets: Ohhhhhhh.
T-Bag: Woo-hoo, anyone at home, little pig, little pig, let me come in or I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house down. (Debbie comes out) Hello little piggy.
Professor Pockets: Oh I am sorry.
Debbie: Never mind, it was worth a try.
T-Bag: So you managed to get the silver seven, how enterprising.
Debbie: And I'll get the eight, I'll get all of them and then you'll be sorry.
T-Bag: Not if I can stop you first.
Debbie: But you can't stop me can you? You haven't stopped me yet.
T-Bag: But I will.
Debbie: Ta, ha, that'll be the day, there's absolutely nothing you can do, except of course...
T-Bag: Except what?
Debbie: Nothing. I was just thinking.
T-Bag: What?
Debbie: It's a bit silly really.
T-Bag: Tell me.
Debbie: Oh no, no, it's far too ridiculous.
T-Bag: Tell me.
Debbie: Well, I was thinking, the only way you could really, really truly stop me would be to banish me, banish me somewhere far away, even off the face of the Earth. Somewhere even like the Moon (laughs).
T-Bag: What a simply splendid thought.
Debbie: (Laughs) But of course I know that's impossible.
T-Bag: Nothing's impossible, it's brilliant, I'm glad I thought of it.
Debbie: You don't mean...
T-Bag: Yes. Now I'll get you out of my hair once and for all.
Debbie: No.
Professor Pockets: Oh I say once...
T-Bag: You too.
Debbie: Quick Professor run. (He mumbles as the both rush into the shed).
T-Bag: Fools, fools, there's no escape, to the moon with you.
(T-Bag uses her magic and the shed disappears).

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An inspired notion

T-Shirt: You sent her where?
T-Bag: You heard, the moon (she laughs). It's hysterical, don't you think?
T-Shirt: But how's she gonna get back from there?
T-Bag: She isn't, that's the beauty of it T-Shirt. We need never clap eyes on her smug little face again. Oh what an inspired notion it was, I can't understand why I didn't think of it sooner. (T-Bag looks in the mirror) Eugh. Ever since clever-clogs put in an appearance I've got more and more wrinkled with worry. Just look at my eyes. I need rest, I need rest.

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Caught like a rat in a trap

T-Bag: Eurgh, what a vile place.
T-Shirt (Off screen): I love that little hooter.
Debbie (Off screen): He was a real hoot.
Professor Pockets: Yes, yes, I knew a hooter once.
T-Bag: Well, well, well, what a gleesome threesome we have here.
Debbie & T-Shirt: T-Bag!
T-Bag: Hello my dears. I'm in your debt madam, thank you so much for leading me to the silver number eight. I believe you have what I'm after.
Professor Pockets: Do I?
T-Bag: You know you do, it's in your pocket.
Debbie: Don't give it to her.
Professor Pockets: Oh no, I won't.
T-Bag: In that case I shall simply have to take it.
Professor Pockets: Oh, uh.
(T-Bag puts her hands in the Professor's pockets and gets them caught in mouse traps).
T-Bag: Arrrgggghhhhhh!
Professor Pockets: (laughs) Serves you right.
Debbie: Caught like a rat in a trap T-Bag.
T-Shirt: Run, run. Come on Debbie.
(Debbie, T-Shirt and the Professor enter the shed).
Professor Pockets: You go.
T-Shirt: Hold on to your hats.
(T-Bag sobs as the shed disappears).

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"Hooter's Armfull of Fun (I)"
The Hooter'S puppeteer's arm can be seen when the Professor exchanges the hammer for the binoculars (you can also see the puppeteer's shadow).

"Hooter's Armfull of Fun (II)"
The Hooter'S puppeteer's arm can be seen at the end of the episode just after T-Shirt and Debbie say goodbye.

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  • John Thirtle, who was the puppeteer for The Hooter, sadly passed away on 5th June 1995, aged 46.
  • Arthur Howard, who played Professor Pockets, sadly passed away on 18th June 1995, aged 85.
  • According to the BBFC rating for the DVD release this episode has the shortest runtime of the series at 19 minutes 53 seconds.

  • John Thirtle, who was the pupeteer for The Hooter, appears in two episodes throughout the nine series of T-Bag. This is his second of his two appearances.
    (Wonders in Letterland, Episode 7: Debbie In The Land Of V)
  • Professor Pockets mentions to T-Bag that 'I knew a Bag once, Kit Bag, nice girl'. This could either a reference to the character who appeared in T. Bag and The Sunstones of Montezuma and referenced again in Take off with T. Bag or the Kit Bag mentioned in The Amazing Adventures of T-Bag book, who is T-Bag's sporty cousin.
    (T. Bag and The Sunstones of Montezuma, Episode 1: In The Footsteps Of Kit Bag)
    (T. Bag and The Sunstones of Montezuma, Episode 10: Montezuma's Revenge)
    (Take off with T. Bag, Episode 4: Curse Of The Mummy)
  • Tallulah Bag refers to Debbie, T-Shirt and the Professor as 'a gleesome threesome', this phrase is also said by Tabatha Bag during T-Bag and the Pearls of Wisdom.
    (T. Bag and The Pearls of Wisdom, Episode 10: The Pearls Of Wisdom)