Wonders In Letterland Episode 3: Debbie In The Land Of S

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UK Air Date18/04/1985, 4.20pm
Repeat ScreeningN/A
Copyright YearMCMLXXXV (1985)
VTR Date25/01/1985
Fremantle Archive Ref31214
Consecutive Episode Number3
IMDB LinkEpisode page

T. Bag (Tallulah Bag)Elizabeth Estensen
T. ShirtJohn Hasler
DebbieJennie Stallwood
Skipper McKipperJim Norton
Seraphina The SeaspriteDeborah Thau

CastingSonia Higgins
Make UpGillian Wakeford
Costume DesignerRaymond Childe
Graphic DesignerAlex Forbes
Stage ManagerBobby Webber
Production AssistantPat Lees
Songs ByTerry Trower
Written ByLee Pressman
Grant Cathro
DesignerJohn Plant
Executive ProducerMarjorie Sigley
ProducersCharles Warren
Leon Thau
DirectorLeon Thau

Debbie meets up with Skipper McKipper in the Land of S. When he reels in the golden letter S he throws it back into the sea. Debbie and Skipper McKipper go into the sea where Seraphina the Seasprite has found the golden letter S.
The High-T Website synopsis
Series which aims to introduce letters and words to children in an entertaining way. This week, Debbie has reached the magical land of S, where she meets a strange fisherman and a beautiful mermaid. But she is being silently watched by the sorceress T-Bag and her saucy servant, T-Shirt, who are out to stop her getting the Golden S.
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A fishy story

Debbie: Hello, you seem to be slightly snared. Let me sort you out.
Skipper McKipper: I am not slightly snared, thank you very much indeed, it's a new experimental fishing technique that I'm working on.
Debbie: I'm sorry, you seemed to be struggling.
Skipper McKipper: Well I was not struggling, Skipper McKipper does not need any wee lassie to show him how to fish. Now you stand well back. First you cast your hook and bait and you sit and you wait... and wait.
Debbie: You remind me of someone Skipper.
Skipper McKipper: That's strange, I remind me of someone as well. I wonder who it is? He-he.
Debbie: That was a funny song you were singing before.
Skipper McKipper: A funny song, funny! Listen lassie, some of my adventures would make the hairs on the back of your legs stand on end.
Debbie: What adventures?
Skipper McKipper: Funny you should ask, there we all were in our wee whaling boat, mountainous seas rose up all around us. You've heard of the great white whale, Moby Dick?
Debbie: Oh, yes.
Skipper McKipper: Well, we were after the great speckly whale, Spotty Dick. Arghh.
Debbie: Was he big?
Skipper McKipper: Was he big.. Was he big! Why he weighed six hundred and seventy six tonnes.
Debbie: How on earth did you know his weight.
Skipper McKipper: After we caught him we took him to a whale-weigh station, get it? (They both laugh) A whale-weigh station. But it was no use, oh disaster soon struck, we soon ran into a terrible storm, there was fork lightning, and knife lightning.
Debbie: And spoon lightning.
Skipper McKipper: Don't be silly, the rocks tore a hole in the side of our ship and all the water poured in.
Debbie: Goodness, what did you do?
Skipper McKipper: I drilled another one to let it all out again (laughs), but it was no use, we went down and we were ship-wrecked. For twenty-nine days the whole crew lived on one tin of sardines.
Debbie: What happened on the thirtieth day?
Skipper McKipper: We all fell off.
(They both laugh).
Debbie: Sounds like a fishy story to me.
Skipper McKipper: It's very good, a fishy story (laughs).
Debbie: You aren't supposed to fish here you know.
Skipper McKipper: Who says?
Debbie: That sign, it says no fishing.
Skipper McKipper: What are you saying?
Debbie: Of course, I forgot, nobody could read here except me oh and of course the old T-Bag.
(Lightning strikes around them).
Skipper McKipper: Uh-Oh, scuttle me scallops, there's a storm starting, a sou'-wester for sure. Ooh, a bite, a bite.
Debbie: Quick pull it in.
Skipper McKipper: You get that saucepan standing by. Oh he's putting up quite a struggle, the wee scamp. (He pulls the line in) Ooh, my goodness, suffering seaweed, what is that? (He holds up the golden letter S).
Debbie: It's one of the missing letters.
Skipper McKipper: I well, it can stay missing (he throws it back into the sea).
Debbie: Oh, oh no, what did you do that for?
Skipper McKipper: What did I, what did I do what for?
Debbie: I needed that.
Skipper McKipper: So what's wrong, it's only a small little squiggly shape.
Debbie: No it wasn't, oh I'll never get it now.
Skipper McKipper: Will you stop squawking. I'll soon snag us up a nice scrumptious sardine for supper.
Debbie: Don't want a sardine.
Skipper McKipper: Alright so we'll have a squid instead.
Debbie: I don't want anything for supper. All I want is the letter S back, it's very important that I find all the missing letters.
Skipper McKipper: And why is that?
Debbie: To complete the legend of course.
Skipper McKipper: Legend?
Debbie: The legend that which will tell us how to open the chest.
Skipper McKipper: Oh, ask a silly question.
Debbie: But I promised I'd help find all the missing letters. It is very important.
Skipper McKipper: Well you leave it to the old Skipper, I will save the day, see I hear your S.O.S lassie, I'll salvage your shiny missing letter S.
Debbie: How can you do that? I suppose it's somewhere on the seabed by now.
Skipper McKipper: Well that's where we'll start.
Debbie: But we can't go to the bottom of the sea, we won't be able to breathe.
Skipper McKipper: Of course we won't be able to breathe, nobody can breathe underwater except fish folk.
Debbie: Well then how will we...
Skipper McKipper: Didn't you know this was a game, now in real life you see you wouldn't try to breathe underwater would you? But in a real game like this you can do anything that you really want to do so, shoes off. That's the way lassie, there we go, now come with me, stand still, steady as she goes.

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Searching for the missing S under the sea

(T-Bag is just finishing drinking a cup of tea).
T-Bag: Give me another.
T-Shirt: That'll be your sixteenth.
T-Bag: Who's counting? My nerves are in shreds, that horrid little girl's found one of the letters already and what did you do to stop her?
T-Shirt: Nothing.
T-Bag: Nothing, exactly, fat lot of good you are. (T-Shirt passes a cup of tea to T-Bag and she drinks it quickly). Ah, another.
T-Shirt: Seventeen.
T-Bag: Hurh, T-Shirt, we've got to make sure she doesn't find anymore. (T-Bag pours some of the tea dregs onto the saucer and she sees the bench in Land of S) There's nobody there, she doesn't seem to be in the Land of S. Wait a minute, what are those? That wretched child's shoes. Shortcake and sugar cubes, she must be searching for the missing S under the sea.
T-Shirt: I smell trouble.
T-Bag: Let me see, the Land of S, who can I get to help me? (The saucer now shows Seraphina the Seasprite under the sea) Closer, ah, perfect.
T-Shirt: Who? Who?
T-Bag: That soppy snooty Seraphina.
T-Shirt: The Seasprite?
T-Bag: The Seasprite, that's right. Ooh she's going to sing that sloppy song again.

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And I suppose that's a cupcake

T-Shirt: Another cup of tea.
T-Bag: T-Riffic T-Shirt, thanks. Down the hatch. Got any goodies worth gobbling?
T-Shirt: No but I could soon magic up a cake for you.
T-Bag: Hmmm, don't think I'll risk it, I'll just have a biscuit.
T-Shirt: Oh go on, I've been practising like you said.
T-Bag: Hmmm.
T-Shirt: Look, look, nothing up my sleeves and...
(He blinks and a cake appears on the table)
T-Bag: Crumbs T-Shirt, that looks mouth-watering. I do believe you've got it (T-Bag picks up a slice). It's soaking wet.
T-Shirt: Yeah, it's a sponge cake.
T-Bag: Oh you stupid boy.
T-Shirt: Hang on I'll try again.
(He blinks and a plateful of rock cakes appears on the table)
T-Bag: Ah, that's more like it. Now what kind are these? (T-Bag takes a bite and winces).
T-Shirt: Rock cakes.
T-Bag: You clumsy little clown, enough is enough.
T-Shirt: Just one more try.
(He blinks and a cake appears on the table with an upside-down cup on it).
T-Bag: And I suppose that's a cupcake.
T-Shirt: I'm afraid so your majesty.
T-Bag: It's pathetic, no more TV for you until you've done a hour's extra magic homework. Now let's see what's going on down there on the seabed.

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You're Ugly

Debbie: I knew it was you all the time.
T-Bag: What did I say to you?
Seraphina: I had to give it to her, it was making me spotty.
T-Bag: Spotty! Spotty! I'll give her a spot the size of a sausage on the end of her silly nose. (T-Bag uses her magic to get Debbie but it reflects back in the mirror at T-Bag, giving her a big red spot on her nose). Suffering sugar spoons, sting on the snout. I'll get you, you troublesome child. T-Shirt do something.
T-Shirt: Ok.
T-Bag: Eugh, not that you dupid duit.
Debbie: You haven't got me yet and now I've got two of the missing letters.
T-Bag: Ah but just remember this, there are plenty more you have to find and I'll always be there. And sooner or later I'll get you. And as for you, you snivelling sour-puss, youíre not beautiful at all, youíre ugly.
Debbie: Thatís very cruel and itís not true either.
T-Bag: Huh!
(T-Bag and T-Shirt disappear).
Debbie: It's not true, is it Skipper?
Skipper McKipper: It certainly is not.
Debbie: You really are beautiful.
Seraphina: Oh, thank you.
Debbie: But we really must be going now. I've got a long way ahead. Sorry we had to trick you.
Seraphina: And I'm sorry I was so snooty. I promise I won't be anymore. Good luck in your search.
Debbie: Bye.
Seraphina: Bye. (Starts singing) A siren singing in her lair will comb and comb her silver hair, And unaffected by the rain and stormy seas, she'll comb again. While all the fishes swim along, astonished by the Seasprite's song.

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"Hook, Line and Sinker"
When Skipper McKipper is fishing at the start of the episode, when Debbie is watching him he catches his fishing hook onto his trousers but moments later when Debbie helps him it is attached to his jacket.

"Shell Shocked"
When Skipper McKipper wipes the mirror before handing it back to Seraphina one of the shells falls off the mirror onto the floor.

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  • Deborah Thau (Seraphina The Seasprite) is the daughter of Leon Thau (the director). Deborah Thau also appears in the next series as Penelope Plummer.
  • According to the BBFC rating for the DVD release this episode has the longest runtime of the series at 20 minutes 33 seconds.

  • Deborah Thau, who plays Seraphina The Seasprite, appears in two episodes throughout the nine series of T-Bag. This is her first of her two appearances.
    (T-Bag Strikes Again, Episode 2: One, Two Buckle My Shoe)
  • This is one of four episodes of this series to have an additional cast member.
    (Wonders in Letterland, Episode 2: Debbie In The Land Of B)
    (Wonders in Letterland, Episode 7: Debbie In The Land Of V)
    (Wonders in Letterland, Episode 9: Debbie In The Land Of E)
  • Skipper McKipper is referenced during an episode of T. Bag and The Revenge of the T. Set when on a desolate planet a tin of Skipper McKipperís Saucy Sardines is found by T-Bag.
    (T. Bag and The Revenge of the T. Set, Episode 3: Lost In Space)
  • Rebounding a shot used during this episode by Debbie back at T-Bag using Seraphina's mirror was used during two other episodes. One in Revenge of the T. Set when Sally reflects T-Bag's evil magic to destroy her and in Take off with T. Bag when Tow-Ling rebounds a shot from Doctor Strangebag's dehydration gun.
    (T. Bag and The Revenge of the T. Set, Episode 10: The Ceremony)
    (Take off with T. Bag, Episode 5: Doctor Strangebag)