T-Bag Bounces Back Episode 1: The Ousting Of Major Happy

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UK Air DateFri 23/01/1987, 4.20pm
Repeat ScreeningThurs 06/07/1989, 4.25pm
Copyright YearMCMLXXXVI (1986)
VTR Date06/10/1986
Fremantle Archive Ref35292 (series ref)
Consecutive Episode Number21
IMDB LinkEpisode page

T. Bag (Tallulah Bag)Elizabeth Estensen
T. ShirtJohn Hasler
DebbieJennie Stallwood
Major HappyTony Haygarth

Make UpAnn Briggs
Costume DesignerRaymond Childe
Graphic DesignerAlex Forbes
Stage ManagerBobby Webber
Production AssistantJoanna Stewart
Songs ByTerry Trower
Written ByLee Pressman
Grant Cathro
DesignerJohn Plant
ProducersCharles Warren
Leon Thau
DirectorLeon Thau

T-Bag is back this time taking home in a music box and ousts Major Happy out of his home but when he plays a special tune on his glockenspiel T-Bag starts to fade away so she casts away the eight gold bells and his glockenspiel. Debbie decides to help Major Happy by getting back the gold bells.
The High-T Website synopsis
Return of the childrenís drama. Debbie meets Major Happy and learns that the wicked T-Bag has stolen and thrown away the golden bells of his Glockenspiel. The land in which he lives can no longer have any music until the bells are found. So Debbie goes off to find T-Bag and the bells. When she meets up with T-Bag she also meets T-Shirt Ė will he help her or not? Music by Terence Trower.
TV Times listing
Return of the popular series. Debbie meets Major Happy and learns that T-Bag has stolen and thrown away the golden bells of his glockenspiel. The land in which he lives can no longer have any music until the bells are found. So Debbie goes off to find T-Bag and, she hopes, the bells. When she meets up with T-Bag she also meets T-Shirt - will he help her, she wonders? Music by Terence Trower.
TV Times listing
This week you get another chance to see a popular T-Bag adventure from the past. Debbie learns from Major Happy that T-Bag has stolen and thrown away the golden bells of his glockenspiel. The land in which he lives can no longer have any music until the bells are found, so Debbie goes off to find T-Bag and the bells. When she meets up with her she also meets T-Shirt, but will he help out or not?
Lookin listing (repeat broadcast)

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The Kidnapping of Thomas

Thomas: Granddad, Granddad. Heís not here.
Debbie: Never mind some other time.
Thomas: No itís alright, Granddad wonít mind.
Debbie: Well.
Thomas: Of course not, the shopís shut so we wonít be disturbing anyone.
Debbie: Where are these records of yours then?
Thomas: In my room, on the shelf. You go get them and Iíll find the record player.
Debbie: Right. (Debbie leaves)
Thomas: Now where is it?
(Thomas checks by the rocking horse, behind the clown head and sees the music box on the shelf.)
Thomas: Whatís this? (Thomas looks around the sides of the music box.) Iíve never seen this before.
(Thomas takes it to the table and turns the handle. Suddenly T-Bagís face appears!)
T-Bag: Well, well, well. Well, well, well, well, well. Look who it isnít.
Thomas: Whoís there?
T-Bag: Whoís there? Whoís there? Donít give me that boy!
Thomas: No it canít be you, itís impossible, go away, leave me alone.
T-Bag: Come here!
Thomas: No.
T-Bag: I said come here!
Thomas: (Thomas disappears and we hear a echoing call for help) Debbie, Debbie, Debbie, Debbie.
(Debbie enters the room)
Debbie: Thomas!

T-Bag's here, isn't she?

Major Happy: How did you do that?
Debbie: I'm afraid there's no time for that now. Now let's get down to business, T-Bag's here, isn't she?
Major Happy: Correct, and what a nasty piece of work she is too.
Debbie: You don't have to tell me, I've tangled with her before, you know.
Major Happy: Get away.
Debbie: It's true, and I've beaten her more than once.
Major Happy: You? (Laughs). Oh pull the other one, it's got bells on. That is to say, it hasn't got bells on.
Debbie: You mean, the missing glockenspiel?
Major Happy: Hmmm.
Debbie: Alright Major, you'd better tell me the whole story.

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All about this glockenspiel

Debbie: Wonderful. Alright Major you'd better tell me all about this glockenspiel of yours. Was there something special about it?
Major Happy: Spe...? I should co-co. It was magical wasn't it?
Debbie: Magical?
Major Happy: Yes, it was all gold and... and magical.
Debbie: How was it magical? I mean what did it do?
Major Happy: Well it kept everybody happy didn't it? Of course that was in the good old days before that wicked T-Bag moved in. Oh them was the days, right enough. Every morning I'd step out onto my balcony, and herald each new day with a quick burst on me little gold bells.

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Stupid Old Duffer

T-Bag: Stop that dreadful row this instant you stupid old duffer.
Major Happy: Oh a visitor, where did you pop up from then?
T-Bag: Never mind that, thanks to you Iíve got a ringing headache.

Eight gold bells

Major Happy: Me home gone and all me little gold bells gone.
Debbie: So it's bells this time, eh? Oh well.
Major Happy: Doh, ray, me, fah, soh, lah, te, doh. Ohh.
Debbie: Eight gold bells. But what do they mean? What is T-Bag so afraid of?
Major Happy: I don't know, she just said she couldn't stand music.
Debbie: Oh no, it's more than just that, but what?
Major Happy: Search me.
Debbie: Well, it's obvious what I have to do. Those bells must be very important and I have to get them back, that's all.
Major Happy: Oh what, just like that? Yeh, ha.
Debbie: You leave this to me Major, when T-Bag finds out I'm here, she'll be shaking like a jelly!

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Stinky Deborah

T-Bag: Who was it?
T-Shirt: Stinky Deborah.
T-Bag: Well donít leave the poor girl standing outside let her in.
T-Shirt: But I hate her.
T-Bag: So do I T-Shirt but we must be kind to dumb animals.

T-Bag's first mistake

Major Happy: Who is it keeps throwing these paper darts all over the place, hmm? Litterbug.
(Debbie comes back).
Major Happy: Debbie, you're back, bless your cotton socks, that didn't take you long. When can I see it? When can I move into my home? I've missed the old place, you know. How can I thank you enough?
Debbie: I'm afraid it's too soon for thanks. I haven't quite sorted things out yet, but I will.
Major Happy: Ohhhh, oh, erh.
Debbie: Well. T-Bag said the bells were scattered in the far corners of the world. The world is a big place. She's right.
Major Happy: Oh, I don't know, it's not that big.
Debbie: The world, you're joking.
Major Happy: What, my world here? It's...
Debbie: Your world, the world of this musical box, of course.
Major Happy: You're losing me.
Debbie: Well T-Bag thinks she's scattered the bells in the far corners of the world.
Major Happy: Yes.
Debbie: Well she's living in this musical box now so she could only have scattered them in the lands of the world that are on this musical box. The lands you showed me on the side of the box.
Major Happy: Oh. Oh, I get it.
Debbie: That was T-Bag's first mistake.
Major Happy: Oh, I hope she makes many more, eh what.
Debbie: I hope so too. Well now I know I have to look, if you point me in the right direction I'll be on my way.
Major Happy: Ah, it's not going to be easy.
Debbie: All the same, I have to try. I've to stop T-Bag once and for all. You wait here Major and I'll be back as soon as I've got all eight bells. Then we'll see what's what.
Major Happy: I'll be here, do not fret, ever alert. Manning the fort until you return. I wish you well, I wish you good luck. And I wish you'd hurry up.
Debbie: Right, bye Major.
Major Happy: Goodbye.
(Debbie leaves).
Major Happy: Plucky. Very plucky.

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"Musical Notes"
Major Happyís costume has the musical notes on it back to front. This is mentioned in The T-Room costume section in the Interview with Raymond Childe. In the interview it states the musical notes were stuck on the costume the night before by Raymond Childe's assistant.

"The Bell's Knell"
The bells Major Happy plays do not correspond with the sounds they make. When he plays the scale, the large bells play high notes and the small bells play low notes when it should be vice-versa. Also in some places you can hear that the bells are made of plastic because the striking sound was not dubbed correctly.

"A Little Light Music"
The music notes on Major Happyís costume are made of the same black reflective material as Jim Nortonís moustache in series 1 episode 9 and have the same problem Ė reflecting the studio lights when he moves. This is noticeable in scenes in the town square during these episodes.

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  • The name of the character Major Happy, is a play-on-words for 'Made You Happy' (Made-Ja Happy).
  • Major Happy is mentioned in The Amazing Adventures of T-Bag book during chapter two as Granny Bag's golfing partner.
  • A clip from this episode was shown during This Morning Soap Icons section on Elizabeth Estensen which aired on 18th January 2006.
  • Tony Haygarth, who played Major Happy, sadly passed away on 10th March 2017, aged 72.