T. Bag And The Sunstones Of Montezuma Episode 10: Montezuma's Revenge

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UK Air Date09/03/1992, 4.00pm
Repeat ScreeningN/A
Copyright YearMCMXCII (1992)
VTR Dateunknown
Fremantle Archive Ref53475
Consecutive Episode Number84
IMDB LinkEpisode page

T. Bag (Tabatha Bag)Georgina Hale
T. ShirtJohn Hasler
PennyEvelyn Sweeney
DiggoryChristopher Bramwell

Make UpAngela Seyfang
Costumes ByRaymond Childe
Assisted ByMandy Harper
Costumes Made BySylvia Juren
Lighting DirectorPeter Bower
Video Tape EditorMark Sangster
Stage ManagerTeresa Joselyn
Production AssistantGill Thomas
DesignerIan Russell
ProducerCharles Warren
Directed ByGlyn Edwards
Written ByLee Pressman
Grant Cathro

When Penny returns she finds that T-Bag has kidnapped Diggory so she gives T-Bag one of the sunstones so she can rescue him. When T-Bag steals all the sunstones and gets the power of the sun can T-Shirt save Penny and Diggory from the fiery pit of the eternal flame and stop T-Bag?
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3D Plan Into Action

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Kit Bag vs. T. Bag

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All nine of those Sunstones

T-Bag: Oh, it's incredible, I N K-redible, how could she get all nine of those sunstones?
T-Shirt: If you listened to me once in a while, we wouldn't be in this fix would we?
T-Bag: Oh hark at Mr Rocket Scientist, then, go on, tell me, what'll we do? Pee pee pumpkin features is on her way back to give those sunstones back to her dad. Oh how do we stop her eh? Go on, tell me, I'm all ears. Go on, tell me.
T-Shirt: We could kidnap her Dad.
T-Bag: Well obviously we could kidnap her Dad. Well obviously any fool knows that. I thought of that myself. How do we kidnap him, eh? Go on, tell me, I bet you can't answer that one, can you?
T-Shirt: We could beam him up.
T-Bag: Of course we could beat him up.
T-Shirt: Beam him up I said.
T-Bag: Ohhhhhh.
T-Shirt: Hold him prisoner here. There's no way Penny can get the stones to him then.
T-Bag: Is that the best you can come up with, hmm! I thought of all that hours ago.
T-Shirt: Sure.
T-Bag: Right. Get up. Don't just sit there. Get beaming.

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(T-Shirt is guarding Diggory after T-Bag captures him).
T-Shirt: If it was up to me I'd let you go (T. Bag appears), but you know what her down there's like. When she walks into the room Daleks hide behind the sofa. (T-Shirt notices T-Bag) He said, but I said don't you dare talk about Tabatha Bag like that, she's a fine, upstanding lady...
T-Bag: Shut Up!

The situation's drastic

Diggory: All nine of the little beauties back where they belong. I don't know how you did it sweetheart but well done.
Penny: You know what we've got to do now though?
Diggory: Obviously. What?
Penny: Destroy them.
Diggory: Destroy them?
Penny: To stop T-Bag ever using them.
Diggory: Seems a bit drastic.
Penny: The situation's drastic. Come on.

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3D Plan

T-Bag: Huh, ow, uh, oh. T-Shirt, get your foot off my face. T-Shirt, get your foot off my face. Uh, oh, T-Shirt get out of it. T-Shirt, wake up, wake up (T-Bag shakes him). Wake up, wake up, wake up, uh, better still don't wake up, huh, who needs him? You're more trouble than pants full of ants. Right, right, right, the games and frolics are over mate. Time to put my 3D plan into action. Daddy, Daughter Die!

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Hot Features

T-Bag: There, now all I have to do is wait for the sun to be in the right position. Come on, come on, come on. Hurry it up hot features.

This is my party and youíre not invited

T-Bag: Mmmm, the power of the sun is within me, my every atom is infused with solar energy, I am omni-powerful.
Penny: Oh no weíre too late.
T-Shirt: Flipping Ada!
Penny: There must be something we can do.
Diggory: No, this is the end of everything.
T-Bag: The world will grovel at my feet, the wage of evil is at hand.
Diggory: Iím to blame, itís all my fault.
(Diggory hits the wall and releases the trapped Kit Bag).
Kit Bag: I donít believe it, freedom, freedom at last after all those years.
T-Shirt: Kit Bag?
Kit Bag: Oh, Sir Paisley, is that you?
T-Bag: Urggggghhhhhhhhh...
Kit Bag: So trying to steal my thunder, eh? You, get out of there, I found those Sunstones first.
T-Bag: Get lost Kit Bag, this is my party and youíre not invited.
Kit Bag: Well, weíll just jolly well have to gatecrash, wonít we? Have no fear Kit Bagís here.
(Kit Bag approaches the raised platform towards T-Bag and the sunstones).
T-Bag: Canít have a party without presents can we? This is from me to you dear.
(T-Bag fires a bolt of energy towards Kit Bag).
Kit Bag: Thank you but no thank you Tabatha, I already have one of those, want to see it?
(Kit Bag fires a bolt of energy back at T-Bag).
Penny: Something tells me we ought to get out of here.
T-Shirt: Do you hear us arguing? Come on letís go.
(T-Shirt, Penny and Diggory flee the inner sanctum as T-Bag and Kit Bag continue to exchange bolts of energy).
T-Bag: And that.
Kit Bag: And that.
T-Bag: And that.
Kit Bag: And that.
T-Bag: And that.
Kit Bag: And that.
T-Bag: And that.
(Kit Bag and T-Bag destroy each other and the temple starts collapsing).

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  • According to the Fremantle Archives this episode was titled 'Return to Aztec'.
  • There is another Kit Bag mentioned in The Amazing Adventures of T-Bag book, who is T-Bag's sporty cousin.
  • This episode has a different background for the title and credits to the rest of the series.
  • Christopher Bramwell appeared in Mike & Angelo which was also written by Lee Pressman and Grant Cathro. Christopher Bramwell appeared in the episodes 'New Friends And Neighbours' (#4.2, 24/10/1991), 'Dad's Doubles' (#4.4, 07/11/1991) and 'The Dinner Party' (#4.7, 28/11/1991) as Richard Hope.

  • Kit Bag appeared earlier in this series at the start of episode one.
    (T. Bag and The Sunstones of Montezuma, Episode 1: In The Footsteps Of Kit Bag)
  • Kit Bag is mentioned by Professor Pockets in T-Bag Strikes Again to T-Bag that 'I knew a Bag once, Kit Bag, nice girl'. This could either a reference to this Kit Bag or the Kit Bag mentioned in The Amazing Adventures of T-Bag book, who is T-Bag's sporty cousin.
    (T-Bag Strikes Again, Episode 8: Professor Pockets)
  • T. Bag and T. Shirt pretend to be Kit Bag and Sir Paisley Shirt during the next series in episode four.
    (Take off with T. Bag, Episode 4: Curse Of The Mummy)
  • This is the last episode we see the character of Penny Hunt, but Evelyn Sweeney, the actress who plays her, reappears as a guest actor during Take Off With T. Bag.
    (Take off with T. Bag, Episode 6: Antony and Cleopatra)
  • Diggory gets taken hostage by T-Bag and taken back to the T-Room; this was also done by T-Bag at the end of T-Bag Bounces Back.
    (T-Bag Bounces Back, Episode 10: Happy Ending)
  • Whilst Diggory is held captive on the flying saucer T-Shirt mentions the Daleks, from the BBC series Doctor Who, the Daleks would be mentioned again in the following series.
    (Take off with T. Bag, Episode 5: Doctor Strangebag)
  • The cloudy sky background seen when T-Bag and T-Shirt magic themselves back to where the flying saucer used to be is used in other episodes.
    (T. Bag and The Sunstones of Montezuma, Episode 7: One Million Years B.C.)