T. Bag And The Rings Of Olympus Episode 5: Vampires

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UK Air Date04/02/1991, 4.05pm
Repeat Screening05/07/1993, 4.00pm
Copyright Year1991
VTR Date17/09/1990
Fremantle Archive Ref50926
Consecutive Episode Number68
IMDB LinkEpisode page

T. Bag (Tabatha Bag)Georgina Hale
T. ShirtJohn Hasler
Polly-ZenaNatalie Wood
Count Igor Von
Gavin Richards
Granny BagDenise Coffey

Make UpCarlene Gearing
CostumeRaymond Childe
Lighting DirectorAllen Harradine
Production AssistantGill Thomas
DesignerJohn Plant
ProducerCharles Warren
DirectorGlyn Edwards
Written ByLee Pressman
Grant Cathro

Granny Bag arrives in time for Halloween and Polly arrives in Transylvania and meets Igor Von Fledermaus who has the next ring. He invites Polly to his castle for a quick bite in exchange for the ring.
The High-T Website synopsis
T-Bag's in Transylvania, where a frustrated vampire sees his dentist about the problem he's having with his fangs.
Lookin listing
Next week, Polly travels to Transylvania. Will she get in a flap when she meets with a vampire? Find out in next weeks blood-curdling episode of T. Bag and the Rings of Olympus.
Next week preview (from previous episode)
This week, Polly travels to Transylvania. Will she get in a flap when she meets with a vampire? Can Polly find the next gold ring or will her host turn out to be a pain in the neck? Stay tuned to T. Bag and the Rings of Olympus.
Stay tuned preview (from start of episode)


Denture Grip



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The T. Bag Fan Club

(Granny Bag & T-Shirt are in a deserted Transylvania)
T-Shirt: Granny, where is everyone?
Granny Bag: Do you know, I was just wondering that myself?
T-Shirt: It's like a meeting of the T-Bag Fan Club!

A real pain in the neck

Count Von Fledermause: Welcome, welcome, welcome, after you my dear.
Polly: It's a bit dark, isn't it?
Count Von Fledermause: One moment.
(He turns the lights on).
Polly: Lovely. Look, I can't stay long so about that ring.
Count Von Fledermause: Do take a seat my dear. Let me fix you a drink.
Polly: Oh, have you any lemonade then?
Count Von Fledermause: Lemonade, let me look, sit down, sit down. I don't get many visitors up here at Chateau Fledermause you know.
Polly: No wonder why.
Count Von Fledermause: I get so lonely sometimes. Living up here on my own can be a real pain in the neck. Uuuuurgh, pain in the neck, neck, neck, teeth biting into the neck, flesh, blood (he laughs).
Polly: You alright?
Count Von Fledermause: I'm fine, fine. There you are my dear, your drug, I mean your drink.
Polly: Thanks but after this I've really got to hit the road.
Count Von Fledermause: Of course but first, your very good health.
Polly: Mmm, I feel, what did you put in that?
Count Von Fledermause: You feel tired perhaps, I do hope that my conversation isn't boring you (Polly falls asleep). Boring, teeth boring into tender young necks (he laughs).

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A very serious vegetarian

Granny Bag: Not a soul to be seen. I mean you'd think on Halloween there'd be lots of people in the street all... This may be a stupid question but what's with the sausages?
T-Shirt: Protection.
Granny Bag: Protection, of course, silly me.
T-Shirt: From vampires.
Granny Bag: I thought it was garlic your supposed to protect you from vampires.
T-Shirt: They're garlic sausages.
Granny Bag: (sniffs sausages), Ah (laughs). What makes you think there's any vampires round here?
(He sees a bat flying).
T-Shirt: Look! (T-Shirt grunts and wave the sausages to ward off the bat).
Granny Bag: Oi. Oi. Don't, don't, don't, don't do that. Don't do that. That's only a little bat.
T-Shirt: Vampire, it's a vampire.
Granny Bag: Oh pull yourself together. (The count is seen putting his teeth back in) What if it was a vampire?
T-Shirt: It was, it was.
Granny Bag: What if it was, it was? So what?
T-Shirt: So it'll come flapping down and sink it's dirty great big fangs into your neck and suck all your blood out and turn you into one of the living dead.
Granny Bag: Give me one of them.
T-Shirt: Get off.
Granny Bag: Gimme.
T-Shirt: Get off.
Granny Bag: Gimme.
T-Shirt: I found them.
Granny Bag: Hand it over.
T-Shirt: Mine.
Granny Bag: Gimme one.
T-Shirt: Get off.
Granny Bag: Give.
Count Von Fledermause: Good evening.
Granny Bag & T-Shirt: Evening.
T-Shirt: Neh.
Granny Bag: Ourrggghhhhh.
T-Shirt: Ourrghhh.
(T-Shirts holds the sausages up in the shape of a cross, the count hisses and reels backwards).
Granny Bag: T-Shirt, T-Shirt, what are you doing?
T-Shirt: Vampire, it's a vampire. Don't panic.
Granny Bag: Oh, for heavens sssssssssssake. Oh, oh, huh, huh, huh. You must excuse my young friend, hee, sometimes he can be such a little clot.
Count Von Fledermause: Clot, blood clot, yummy doodle delish. Blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood.
Granny Bag: I'll buy one off ya.
(Granny holds up two garlic sausages, the Count screams and runs off).
T-Shirt: There...
Granny Bag: Woah.
T-Shirt:... I told you it was a vampire.
Granny Bag: Woah, either that or a very serious vegetarian.
T-Shirt: Come on Granny, let's get out of here.
Granny Bag: What? Not on your nelly.
T-Shirt: What?
Granny Bag: I'm going to get all this down on video.
T-Shirt: Eh?
(A camcorder appears on the table by magic).
Granny Bag: Heh, wait 'til the folks back home see this, oh, they'll be dead jealous.
T-Shirt: Yeah and we'll just be dead. Granny please.
Granny Bag: Oh, don't worry, don't worry. Listen when the chips are down these sausages will save our bacon, ha, ha, ha.
T-Shirt: Yeah, out of the frying pan, into the fire.

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Madam you are most forward

Count Von Fledermause: Ach.
T-Bag: Hello.
Count Von Fledermause: What?
T-Bag: Looking for something?
Count Von Fledermause: Mmmmmm, who are you?
T-Bag: Vampire von Bag. You may kiss my hand.
Count Von Fledermause: Hrgnnn.
T-Bag: But, no nibbling.
Count Von Fledermause: Hmmmm. You are beautiful.
T-Bag: I know, huh-ha. Are you feeling warm? Maybe you want to slip out of that cloak eh? May I?
Count Von Fledermause: Uh, Madam you are most forward, we have only just met.
T-Bag: Oh, come, come, don't be shy. I won't bite you, well?
Count Von Fledermause: Well it is getting a bit warmer, hmmm.
T-Bag: Oh, so slip out of that cloak.
Count Von Fledermause: No, maybe later.
T-Bag: Oh, ohhhh, oh, he's trying my patience, ouurghhh. Oh handsome, why don't you come and sit with me by the fire.
Count Von Fledermause: We do not have a fire.
T-Bag: (T-Bag uses her magic to light the fire) We do, now.

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The whole thing on video

T-Bag: Oh, what happened?
T-Shirt: I didn't mean to hit you over the head with the garlic sausage your Majesty.
T-Bag: Ohhh, what happened when I was out cold?
T-Shirt: Do you want the good news or the bad news?
T-Bag: Ouuugggghhhhh.
T-Shirt: The bad news is that Polly defeated the vampire and got the next gold ring.
T-Bag: What? So what's the good news?
Granny Bag: The good news is that I've got the whole thing on video, so we can sit back and enjoy it all over again, budge up duckie.

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  • The character of Granny Bag was first mentioned in The Amazing Adventures of T-Bag book released in 1990.
  • This is the only episode whose title starts with a letter that no other episode does.
  • Denise Coffey appeared in The Tomorrow People which was also written by Lee Pressman and Grant Cathro. Denise Coffey appeared in all five episodes of 'The Culex Experiment' as Aunt Ruth.
  • Denise Coffey appeared in Spatz which was also written by Lee Pressman and Grant Cathro. Denise Coffey appeared in the episodes 'Fire Alarm' (#2.5, 07/02/1991) and 'The Curse of Karen' (#3.5, 27/03/1992) as Mildred.
  • Gavin Richards appeared in Mike & Angelo which was also written by Lee Pressman and Grant Cathro. Gavin Richards appeared in the episodes 'Mug Shots' (#1.7, 27/04/1989), 'Ghostbusters' (#2.5, 12/10/1989), 'Valentine's Day' (#3.5, 12/12/1990), 'Brett Shrinks' (#3.7, 02/01/1991), 'The Warrior' (#4.9, 12/12/1991) and 'Brett's Lucky Day' (#5.8, 25/02/1993) as Brett Douglas.

  • Denise Coffey who plays Granny Bag also appeared in T. Bag and The Revenge of The T. Set Ep9 as The Queen.
    (T. Bag and The Revenge of the T. Set, Episode 9: The Bard)
  • Denise Coffey, appears in this episode for the first time as Granny Bag. The character would reappear in the following series and as the anchor character in the final series.
    (T. Bag and The Sunstones of Montezuma, Episode 9: Y-Fronts)
    (Take off with T. Bag, Episode 1: Many Happy Returns)
    (Take off with T. Bag, Episode 10: Shangri-La)
  • T-Bag and T-Shirt talk to Granny Bag on the telephone during a episode later in this series.
    (T. Bag and The Rings of Olympus, Episode 9: Torture)
  • This is the second episode set during Halloween, this happened previously in T-Bag Bounces Back.
    (T-Bag Bounces Back, Episode 5: Bobby Jobsworth and The Temple Of Doom)
  • The 'shoes behind the curtain' trick, done by Polly to trick Count Igor Von Fledermaus at the end of this episode, was used before by Debbie in T-Bag Bounces Back.
    (T-Bag Bounces Back, Episode 6: Hi-Hat)