T. Bag And The Pearls Of Wisdom Episode 6: The Ghost Of Castle McCarr

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UK Air Date06/02/1990, 4.20pm
Repeat Screening16/07/1992, 4.05pm
Copyright Year1989
VTR Date30/08/1989
Fremantle Archive Ref48947 (series ref)
Consecutive Episode Number58
IMDB LinkEpisode page

T. Bag (Tabatha Bag)Georgina Hale
T. ShirtJohn Hasler
Sally SimpkinsKellie Bright
Rob McCarrJeremy Stockwell
Dora McCarr/Granny McCarrGudrun Ure

Make UpAdam Beck
CostumeRaymond Childe
Graphic DesignerJeff Harrison
Stage ManagerBobby Webber
Lighting DirectorBob Newman
Production AssistantElena Adams
DesignerJohn Plant
ProducerCharles Warren
Written ByLee Pressman
Grant Cathro
DirectorLeon Thau

Sally arrives in the Scottish highlands where a haunted castle is. Will Sally find the pearl in the haunted castle with the Phantom Piper?
The High-T Website synopsis
When Sally arrives in Scotland and meets up with Dora McCarr and son Robbie, she doesn’t have the ghost of a chance of finding the pearls.
TV Times listing
In the next episode Sally takes the high road to the highlands in search of the next missing pearl. What lurks in the castle on the hill. What is T-Bag up to this time? Is there a ghost of a chance that Sally will find the pearl? Find out in T. Bag and the Pearls of Wisdom.
Next week preview (from previous episode)
Today Sally takes the high road to the highlands in search of the next missing pearl. What lurks in the castle on the hill? What is T-Bag up to this time? Is there a ghost of a chance that Sally will find the pearl? Find out now.
Stay tuned preview (from start of episode)
Bonnie Scotland was our next port of call, Sally took the high road and we took the low road and she got the next pearl before us. Now she’s got five of the pearls but we weren’t beaten yet.
Pearls of Wisdom video - T-Shirt's summary

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Eight sumo wrestlers

T-Bag: Oh my head, my poor head.
T-Shirt: Oh, how are your feeling now?
T-Bag: Oh I feel as though there's eight sumo wrestlers with hobnail boots on Morris dancing inside my head.
T-Shirt: You got a headache?
T-Bag: Oh go to the top of the class and jump off. Have you any idea, oughhh, what it feels like to go through what I've gone through?
T-Shirt: No.
T-Bag: Oh, so shut up and get me a cuppa tea. (T-Shirt switches the Radio on and loud music begins) Auurrrghhhhhh!

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What a strange story

Sally: So you see I've got to get all the pearls of wisdom but I haven't got a clue where they're going to turn up next.
Dora McCarr: (She giggles) What a strange story.
Sally: I don't suppose you've...
Dora McCarr: Pearls? Oh, oh, no my dear, there are no pearls here.
Sally: How about in the castle?
Dora McCarr: The castle? Oooouhh, the Castle McCarr.
Sally: What?
Dora McCarr: Oooohh, you can not go to the Castle McCarr.
Sally: It's not really haunted, is it?
Dora McCarr: Ooooh, lassie.
Sally: Have you seen the ghost?
Dora McCarr: Well, I haven't seen it for my self but my son, Robbie, he's seen it. Ooh, I wouldn't put a foot in the place, it used to belong to my ancestors, but there's nobody lives there now. Ah and you're not to be going to the Castle McCarr.
Sally: But if...
Dora McCarr: Now look you, it'll be dark soon. So why don't you spend the night with us and I'll help you look for your pearl in the morning.
Sally: That's very kind of you Dora.
Dora McCarr: Good, so come in and have some tea and I'll fix you up a bed for the night.
Sally: Great.

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The official Castle McCarr guide book

Sally: Ohhhh! You gave me a fright.
Rob McCarr: I see you're admiring the Castle McCarr by moonlight. Magnificent, isn't it?
Sally: It is. Have you really seen a ghost there?
Rob McCarr: Aye, aye, I have.
Sally: Tell me about it.
Rob McCarr: It was... Bizarre. A weird ghostly figure, floating in the air, playing the bagpipes before my very eyes.
Sally: Amazing.
Rob McCarr: It was. Amazing. And as I stood there with my jaw hanging open and my knee caps knocking, the hideous, red-bearded apparition went sailing straight through the wall, as if it wasn' even there.
Sally: Weird.
Rob McCarr: It was, very weird. But then what do you expect if you pay a visit to Castle McCarr. You can read all about it in the official Castle McCarr guide book. A snip at only fifty pee.

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The Gory Story Hour

T-Shirt: There, now I can listen to the Gory Story Hour.
Grizzly Thwack (on the radio): That was the Gory Story Hour, featuring your ghostly host Grizzly Thwack, the man in black, ha ha hah ha hah ha ha ha, tune in next week.
T-Shirt: Thanks a bundle T-Bag. (He sees Sally in the saucer) Sally. She's supposed to be asleep. Your majesty, your majesty, come quickly your majesty.
(T-Bag snores).
T-Shirt: Get up quick, hurry.
T-Bag: (Snores again) Oh let go of my arm.
T-Shirt: But look, Sally's up and about, we might be missing something.
T-Bag: I thought I told you not to disturb me.
T-Shirt: I thought it might be important.
T-Bag: Can't you use your own initiative for once. I mean, do I always have to do every single thing myself?
T-Shirt: Well, what can I do?
T-Bag: Get down there, keep tabs on her, oh use a bit of gumption for crying out loud.
T-Shirt: Right, erm, you go back to bed, leave this to me, I'll handle everything. You can always count on me.

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An inflatable haggis

Rob McCarr: Oh!
T-Shirt: Good evening.
Rob McCarr: Where did you spring from laddie?
T-Shirt: Just visiting.
Rob McCarr: Visiting, a tourist eh? Well no doubt you'll be wanting to buy a touring map of the Highlands.
T-Shirt: Er, no thanks.
Rob McCarr: A tin of homemade highland shortcake. Some tartan legwarmers, an inflatable haggis.
T-Shirt: Did you see where that girl went?
Rob McCarr: What? Eh?
T-Shirt: The girl, where is she?
Rob McCarr: Ooooooh, she's gone over yonder to visit the haunted Castle McCarr.
T-Shirt: Haunted?
Rob McCarr: Aye, I could arrange a guided tour, if you like, featuring all the spookiest spots, with a guaranteed appearance of the Phantom Piper, and a cream tea thrown in to boot. And all for only fifty pee.
T-Shirt: Erm, yeah, maybe later. I'll be back.
Rob McCarr: Och no, I'd should buy them now if I were you. They're going fast.

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Oh, go and blow your blasted bagpipes

T-Bag: Oh-uh-oh, noooooo.
T-Shirt: Oh well, (T-Bag whimpers) never mind, we got a free set of bagpipes out of it.
T-Bag: Oh, go and blow your blasted bagpipes.
T-Shirt: Alright (T-Shirt begins to play the bagpipes).

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"Radio Gaga"
When T-Bag is complaining about her headache and says 'Oh, so shut up and get me a cuppa tea', T-Shirt then switches on the radio which starts to play loud music but the music begins to play a moment before he has pressed the switch.

"Family Fortune Fumble"
When Rob and Dora McCarr find the McCarr family fortune behind the portrait of their great Uncle Hamish, the tresure is in a metal cash box which is doubtful to have been around generations ago.

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  • Gudrun Ure, who plays Dora McCarr, is best known for playing the title role in the Children's TV series Supergran.
  • The scenery for the castle was used again in episode 8 for Cedric Sackbutt's castle.
  • The character name Rob McCarr, is a play on words for 'Rob my car'.
  • The character name Dora McCarr, is a play on words for 'Door 'a (of) my car'.
  • This episode was cut from the official VHS release of the series and replaced with a short voice-over clip recorded by John Hasler (T-Shirt).
  • The radio presenter 'Grizzly Thwack' was voiced by the director, Leon Thau.
  • Jeremy Stockwell appeared in Spatz which was also written by Lee Pressman and Grant Cathro. Jeremy Stockwell appeared in the episode 'Toni’s Tall Tale' (#1.3, 07/03/1990) as a customer.