T. Bag And The Revenge Of The T. Set Episode 1: The Stone Circle

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UK Air Date03/01/1989, 4.20pm
Repeat Screening08/07/1991, 4.20pm
Copyright YearMCMLXXXVIII (1988)
VTR Date18/10/1988
Fremantle Archive Ref45057 (series ref)
Consecutive Episode Number42
IMDB LinkEpisode page

T. Bag (Tallulah Bag)Elizabeth Estensen
T. ShirtJohn Hasler
Sally SimpkinsKellie Bright
The High-T LadyJan Holden

Make UpCaroline Becker
CostumeRaymond Childe
Vandra Howarde
Graphic DesignerChris Connors
Stage ManagerBobby Webber
Production AssistantCaroline Vance
Sally Askey
DesignerJohn Plant
Executive ProducerCharles Warren
ProducerLeon Thau
Written ByLee Pressman
Grant Cathro
DirectorLeon Thau

The High-T Lady has punished T-Bag by destroying her T-Plant but there is still one leaf and T-Bag uses it to get her evil powers back. T-Bag tricks T-Shirt there to rescue Sally and the quest to find the spoons begin.
The High-T Website synopsis
T-Bag is called to task by the High T-Set for using her powers for evil means. She doesn't like this and uses all her powers to bring about the downfall of the High T-Lady by stealing the silver spoons.
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It's tipping down out there

Sally: Ooohhhh.
(Thomas walks in).
Thomas: Can I help you?
Sally: Oh, um, just browsing thanks.
Thomas: After anything special?
Sally: Not really, (points to clown puppet) oh this is nice.
Thomas: Yes, yes.
Sally: And, erm, ooh, and this (points to T. Set banner).
Thomas: Now that is interesting, I don't know what it is but it's very old.
Sally: Oh. Oh is it?
Thomas: Have you just come in out of the rain?
Sally: Well, oh actually, yes. Sorry, do you mind?
Thomas: No, not at all.
Sally: It's tipping down out there. (Thunderclap) What a summer.
Thomas: Oh I've got the kettle on, fancy a cuppa tea 'til it stops.
Sally: Well I don't want to put you to any trouble.
Thomas: No trouble, back in a minute erm...
Sally: I'm Sally.
Thomas: Sally, Thomas, hi.
Sally: Hi.
Thomas: I won't be long, have a look round.
Sally: Oh thanks.

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The overpowering of The High-T Lady/The capture of Sally & Thomas

(Inside the temple on top of the teapot The High-T Lady summons Tallulah Bag to stop her evil ways and she destroys T-Bag’s evil weed, her precious T-Plant. She tries to make T-Bag drink from the cup of goodness “The T that puts the T in Tolerance, Tenderness and Truth” so she can become a member of the ancient order of the T-Set and be her T-Caddy once more. T-Bag is reluctant but sees there is still one leaf intact by the T-Plant. She takes a drink from the cup; the High-T walks out. T-Bag spits out the T of goodness and seizes the leaf from her T-Plant and takes a suck from the leaf and her evil powers return. T-Bag then changes the temple into her new T-Room and she sits down. Mean while Sally comes into the curiosity shop. While Thomas goes to make a cup of tea, Sally lifts the lid which unbalances T-Bag’s new T-Room).
T-Bag: What the?
(Sally looks in and the high-T Lady returns).
High-T Lady: What’s happened? What’s going on? What is all this?
T-Bag: I warned you not to tangle with me didn’t I?
High-T Lady: But your T-Plant?
T-Bag: Ar yes, what’s done can easily be undone.
(T-Bag magics her T-Plant back to life).
High-T Lady: You can’t do this.
T-Bag: I’ve done it.
High-T Lady: I have the power to stop you.
T-Bag: Try it!
(T-Bag and The High-T try to out magic each other but T-Bag over powers the High-T).
T-Bag: Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Now who’s the High-T? Me ha ha ha ha ha ha. Now get out of my sight you old has-been.
(T-Bag casts the High-T away and turns around and she sees Sally peering in).
T-Bag: Who are you?
(T-Bag captures Sally and she disappears from the curiosity shop. We hear Sally’s scream for help as an echo with every call for help we zoom in on the Teapot).
Sally: Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas.
Thomas: Sally!
(Thomas rushes into the shop and looks into the teapot to see her tied to a post with an approaching laser edging ever closer ready to zap her to bits).
Thomas: Sally!
Sally: Thomas help. Arrrgh.
Thomas: Oh no.
(Thomas blinks to get into the teapot but fails; he tries again and appears inside the teapot).
Sally: Arr ohh hurry ar ooh.
(T-Shirt manages to untie Sally; they both dive out of the way of the impending laser and a moment later the laser reaches the post and explodes with a plume of smoke).
T-Shirt: That was close!
Sally: How? What? What’s going on?
(We hear someone clapping, it is T-Bag).
T-Bag: Well done, what a hero!
T-Shirt: T-Bag!
T-Bag: Yes it’s me.
T-Shirt: Oh no.
Sally: What is going on?
T-Shirt: It was a trick, what an idiot.
Sally: Who is she?
T-Bag: Tell the girl T-Shirt.
Sally: T-Shirt? Who’s T-Shirt?
T-Shirt: Me I’m T-Shirt.
Sally: But you’re Thomas.
T-Shirt: Not anymore. What a mean rotten trick that was pretending you were going to zap Sally!
T-Bag: Who was pretending?
T-Shirt: You’re a beast you are!
T-Bag: Oh come now. Is that anyway to speak to an old chum like me?
T-Shirt: You’re no chum of mine.
T-Bag: Well chum or no chum you’re here now and you’ll do as I say. So my little genius Tea-making friend get brewing.
T-Shirt: No I won’t not in a million years. Not now, not never, no way, get me, no way!

You're not a friend of T-Bag's?

(Sally reaches the stone circle).
Sally: Wow! Weird. (Branch snaps). Who's there? If that's you T-Bag, or whatever your name is, I'm not afraid of you.
High-T Lady (off screen): Who are you?
Sally: Who are you?
High-T Lady (off screen): You're not a friend of T-Bag's?
Sally: You must be joking. (The High-T Lady enters) You.
High-T Lady: I am the High-T.
Sally: I saw what T-Bag did to you, you should've seen what she did to me.
High-T Lady: Oh that's nothing to what she could do. Things have become very dangerous.
Sally: What do you mean?
High-T Lady: Tallulah Bag wants power and she'll go to any lengths to get it, I know.
Sally: This is crazy.
High-T Lady: I don't know how my dear but somehow you've stumbled onto something you ought not to know about. But believe me, you are in great danger, we all are.

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The eight enchanted spoons of the T. Set

Sally: Arrrggghhhh!
High-T Lady: T-Bag!
T-Bag: Well here's a merry little gathering.
Sally: What do you want?
T-Bag: You know don't you.
High-T Lady: You'll never get away with it T-Bag, never.
Sally: Get away with what?
T-Bag: Will you tell her or shall I?
Sally: Look, what is all this about?
High-T Lady: It's about these (she shows Sally the eight silver spoons).
Sally: Wow.
T-Bag: A-ha.
Sally: What are they?
High-T Lady: The eight enchanted spoons of the T. Set.
T-Bag: Go on, tell her.
High-T Lady: These spoons were forged centuries ago from a meteor of solid moon silver.
Sally: Amazing.
T-Bag: What's more amazing is what they can do, tell 'em, go on tell them.
High-T Lady: Every hundred years something spectacular happens in the night sky.
T-Bag: And...
High-T Lady: The stars come together in a magnificent celestial formation, it's a wonder to behold.
T-Bag: Never mind that, get to the good bit.
High-T Lady: When that happens the time is right.
Sally: Right for what?
T-Bag: Tell them.
High-T Lady: For one short moment a great surge of universal energy is focused on this very spot.
T-Shirt: Well what do those spoons do then?
High-T Lady: They act like magnets and draw in the power, the power that for thousands of years has rejuvenated the T. Set in the name of all that is good.
T-Bag: Until now that is, thank you (T-Bag takes the spoons). From now on that power will be mine, all mine, I will be omni-powerful in the name of all that is bad. Tallulah Bag will be empress of all that is evil.
(Lightning and thunder fill the stone circle then T-Bag uses her magic and disappears).
Sally: What are we going to do?
T-Shirt: Don't worry, I'll think of something.
T-Bag (voice): T-Shirt.
T-Shirt: Coming your Majesty.
(T-Shirt disappears, Sally and the High-T Lady sigh).

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T-junctions in time and space

Sally: What's that?
High-T Lady: There isn't much time, put it on.
Sally: What is it?
High-T Lady: It's a pendant made from the same silver that the spoons were made of. Wherever the spoons are this will lead you to them.
Sally: How?
High-T Lady: It will guide you through the T-junctions in time and space.
Sally: T-junctions? I don't understand.
High-T Lady: Oh you will, you're young and bright, if anyone can get those spoons back it's you.
Sally: But what about T-Bag, won't she come after me?
High-T Lady: Oh she will but don't worry, so long as you wear this pendant you'll be safe. Now quickly please, through the first T-junction.
Sally: What do I do?
High-T Lady: Hold it tight, that's the way.
Sally: Ooh, I feel it tingling.
High-T Lady: It's alright.
Sally: I feel strange.
High-T Lady: You're on your way. Good luck.
Sally: On my way where? Where am I going, where am I going, going, going, going?
High-T Lady: Come back safely.

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Seek out the spoons Sally Simpkins

T-Bag: Curses, too late, that interfering old windbag, I'll bring her back by the scruff of the neck. We've got to get those spoons first.
T-Shirt: Yeah but how? They could be anywhere, any place, any time, like looking for tadpoles in a typhoon.
T-Bag: Not quite T-Shirt, the silver charm will lead the girl and the girl will lead us. Seek out the spoons, Sally Simpkins, but just remember this my dear, wherever you go, we'll be right behind you!

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"Planned All Along?"
When T-Bag appears at the beginning of the episode, the High-T Lady says, "Tallulah Bag, the prodigal returns". T-Bag replies, "I haven't returned, you brought me here!". Later it appears as if T-Bag had planned to be there and use the spoons, rather than being summoned for punishment by the High-T. This is a very complicated plan indeed!

"A Wrong Retrospective"
When T-shirt remembers the ‘good times’ he had with T-Bag he remembers T-Bag as a pirate with Black Hearted Belle but he was never on the ship at that time so how can he remember this?

"Simple Surname Sorcery"
T-Shirt refers to Sally Simpkins when he says "Sally Simpkins, what do you think you're doing stealing her Majesty's precious spoons?", at the end of the episode T-Bag also calls Sally by her surname when she says "Seek out the spoons, Sally Simpkins, but just remember this my dear, wherever you go, we'll be right behind you!" but throughout the episode Sally doesn't tell anyone her surname.

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  • Jan Holden, who played The High-T Lady, sadly passed away on 11th October 2005, aged 74.
  • The stone pillars at the stone circle are 'T' shaped.
  • The teaspoons collected in this series and first seen in this episode are Cranberry spoons.
  • Sally's blue and white umbrella from this episode can be clearly seen on the far table in the curiosity shop on the title sequence for all the following episodes of this series.
  • Small scenes of this episode were shown during Strictly Come Dancing on 14th November 2015 as part of the training footage prior to Kellie Bright dancing the Samba.
  • A clip from this episode was shown during Sunday Brunch which aired on 30th December 2018.

  • When summoned by The High-T Lady, T-Bag is wearing her Turn on to T-Bag dress from the previous series and Christmas special. This episode marks the last appearance of this dress being in a total of 12 episodes.
    (Turn on to T-Bag, Episode 10: Turn On To T-Bag)
    (T. Bag's Christmas Cracker)
  • T-Bag mentions the two previous girls Deborah (from the first three series) and Holly (from the previous series) when saying she is not taking any chances with Sally.
    (Wonders in Letterland, Episode 1: Arrival In Letterland)
    (T-Bag Strikes Again, Episode 1: The Town Clock)
    (T-Bag Bounces Back, Episode 1: The Ousting Of Major Happy)
    (Turn on to T-Bag, Episode 1: Sparkes)
  • When T-Shirt relives his memories of T-Bag the clips shown are from the previous three series.
    (T-Bag Strikes Again, Episode 3: Ben And Bunty Badshot)
    (T-Bag Bounces Back, Episode 4: Black Hearted Belle)
    (Turn on to T-Bag, Episode 8: The African Queen)
  • The stake used when T-Bag ties Sally up was reused in the last episode of the series where both Sally and T-Shirt are tied up to it.
    (T. Bag and The Revenge of the T. Set, Episode 10: The Ceremony)
  • In this episode we are introduced to the true High-T Lady after T-Bag has mentioned numerous times (before, after and even during this episode) that she is 'the High-T'.
    (Wonders in Letterland, Episode 5: Debbie In The Land Of P)
    (Wonders in Letterland, Episode 10: Back To Square One)
    (T-Bag Strikes Again, Episode 1: The Town Clock)
    (T-Bag Strikes Again, Episode 3: Ben And Bunty Badshot)
    (T-Bag Strikes Again, Episode 9: Charlie Chuckles)
    (T-Bag Strikes Again, Episode 10: The Magic Garden)
    (Turn on to T-Bag, Episode 10: Turn On To T-Bag)
    (T. Bag and The Revenge of the T. Set, Episode 3: Lost In Space)
    (T. Bag and The Revenge of the T. Set, Episode 4: Turkish Delight)
    (T. Bag's Christmas Carol)
    (T. Bag and The Pearls of Wisdom, Episode 1: Any Old Port)
  • The aeroplanes, one of which is given to the Emperor as a birthday present in episode two, can be clearly seen on the table in the curiosity shop during this series.
    (T. Bag and The Revenge of the T. Set, Episode 2: When In Rome)
    (T. Bag and The Revenge of the T. Set, Episode 10: The Ceremony)
  • The Fizz bottle can be clearly seen on the table in the curiosity shop in episode one and ten and in the title sequence.
    (T. Bag and The Revenge of the T. Set, Episode 4: Turkish Delight)
    (T. Bag and The Revenge of the T. Set, Episode 10: The Ceremony)
  • The T.Set banner from the curiosity shop and the temple can be seen in the background of the curiosity shop in other episodes.
    (T. Bag and The Revenge of the T. Set, Episode 10: The Ceremony)
    (T. Bag and The Pearls of Wisdom, Episode 1: Any Old Port)
    (T. Bag and The Pearls of Wisdom, Episode 10: The Pearls Of Wisdom)
    (T. Bag's Christmas Ding-Dong)
    (T. Bag and The Rings of Olympus, Episode 1: The Rings Of Olympus)
    (T. Bag and The Rings of Olympus, Episode 10: Return To Olympus)